Fruits of our labor

We go apple picking every year.  Picking, eating and planning what to make.  A total process.  Apples

This year, Emily and her friend made 2 apple pies.  One was a pie and the other had a crisp topping.  Apple pie defines Autumn. 

Josh and his friend wanted to make something Choirzo
too but were leaning towards savory since the sweets were already taken care of.  We came up with an idea for an appetizer.  Cut up chorizo, pan fry and let cool.  Cut up the apples with a single corer.  You end up with long round pieces of apple.  Slice them equally, no skin.  Then we rolled out puff pastry and cut it into squares.  In the middle of each square we put a piece of chorizo and a piece of apple and closed up the pastry.  We then baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes or until browned.  We served them alongside a honey mustard dip that we made.  All and all a total hit.  Next time, we are going to take grated cheddar cheese and lightly press it into the dough before cutting it into squares.  Then wrap the chorizo and apple in that.  An innovative twist on pigs in a blanket.

Using our bags of apples for the sweet and savory treat.