City of Thieves

Last night I read City of Thieves.  Finally I have picked up a book that is less than 600 pages.  A really good read.  I might be compelled to go back and read David Benoff's prior books.

The book is about his Grandfather's story about living through WWII.  He lived in Leningrad and the reader takes a journey through his tale of survival.  He is 17 years old and is caught stealing off a dead German.  Sent to jail he finds himself paired with a larger than life 20 year old student and the both of them are sentenced by the Colonel to either find a dozen eggs in four days for his daughter's wedding or be executed.  And so the journey begins.

What makes the tale work is the combination of a coming of age story, a cast of characters, the desire to survive and the realities of what was happening in the world during WWII.  Funny and serious at the same time. 

Like all really good books, the ending was perfect.