The League for the Hard of Hearing

Tonight was the annual event for the League for the Hard of Hearing. First off, it is a great organization. Our friends have been involved for years and we are happy to support them because the League really makes an impact on peoples lives.  I am glad they planned to have this event and sent out all the invites way before the world came tumbling down. 

The event is basically the same every year but I like it.  Many restaurants come and the guests get to sample while they mill around and talk to people.  This year, for the first time, Little Owl had a table.  I spoke to Joey (chef and owner) for awhile.  Ends up that his brother is deaf in one ear.  Freak accident, his brother popped his ear drum at 35 with a Qtip.  Anyway, he was doing his part by giving back to the organization.  Not sure if his brother has visited the organization but I was talking to the woman that runs the League and she was telling me a variety of things that they could do to help Joey's brother. 

The League is more than just helping people who are born with serious hearing problems.  As we all get older and have spent years at concerts with our ears humming for days, most of us will suffer from hearing issues.  The League is the first place to go.  They are the experts.

Unfortunately for us, after having been gone all weekend, we could only stay about 45 minutes or our kids would have disowned us.  But from the looks of it, the event was going to be another success this year. 

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  1. Dory

    It’s great that you support that organization. I’m deaf in one ear too. My hearing just died suddenly 16 years ago, and the diagnosis was absurd: Sudden Hearing Loss. Duh. I live in constant fear that my other ear will either suddenly stop working as well or gradually peter out, so I have regular auditory exams, and had one last Friday. Perfect score in the left ear, thank god. So totally cool that you support the League.