Artworks, the Noami Cohain Foundation

There are countless not-for-profit groups around the country.  Some duplicate each other.  Others are great ideas that are never executed properly.  Others are not great ideas but are executed brilliantly.  The hardest part is funding.  Many start for untold reasons but struck a chord with someone who decided to do something for the greater good.  Last night, we went to a fund raiser for an organization that I probably would have never heard of if not for a friend of mine who is involved.  I love what they are doing.

Artworks is dedicated to using art as a creative outlet for children and young adults suffering from chronic and life -threatening illnesses.  Noami Cohain, who the foundation is named after, lost her life at 15 to leukemia and it was through art therapy where she found solace.  Her cousin created this foundation in 2002 to continue to help others like Naomi to use art as an outlet for their emotions. 

There was a supply box shown last night which is filled with art supplies that is delivered to hospitals to keep patients busy with activities.  That is one of the programs Artworks provides.  There are opportunities to donate, volunteer and even intern. 

This is an organization that has the potential to make an impact outside of the small community that they started in.  Impressive idea that has been executed and supported by mostly family and friends.  Seeing the work of the children last night and the art cart was inspiring.  I felt great about supporting Artworks and love seeing an organization that has a brilliant idea with really good execution.