Vacation plans

Cancelled India and was able to book another vacation easily.  Generally, I have booked our vacations well in advance and have even found that at such an early date that rooms were not always available.  Boy, have times changed.

I was able to not only book hotels where we wanted to go but make deals with the hotels too.  Getting airline tickets at the times that worked for us was quite easy too.

On one hand, it was pretty stress free but on the other hand, it is pretty scary. 

The kids wanted to return to Paris.  I happen to be in Paris now and I certainly understand why.  As a family, we pretty much never return, we just continue to go forward.  There is something really wonderful about returning to a place that you love and know so well which gives you a comfort zone.  So, with that said, we are returning to Paris. 

We will begin in Milan.  Why Milan?  We all love Italy.  Nobody has ever been to Milan.  Also, Luxe City Guides (the key to any vacation) happens to have a guide to Milan this year so we decided to start there.  Then, we are going to Munich for one day.  All of Fred's family will be there so we will stop over for 24 hours for a family fest of dinner and activities.  After that, on to Berlin.  Never been to Berlin but I have a feeling we are all going to really enjoy the city.  Then, off to Paris. 

Every town has plenty of hotel openings.  I took my time and figured out which made the most sense for us.  It is pretty amazing that every hotel I called in Paris has rooms for us.  Short lived perhaps but certainly something to keep in mind.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Scott

    Don’t know if you’ve been there ever; anytime someone travels to France, I always recommend checking out Brittany. I posted some pics here:, I’ve yet to go anywhere in Europe, but France. Italy is on my “things to do before I die” list.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The pictures are fantastic. That is a definite must get to location

  2. hallson

    I used to live in Milan…some favorites spots:Luini’s (near duomo) – for a great meal on the go.De Santis (Corso Magenta) – best sandwiches in the worldGelateria Marghera (via Marghera) – best gelatoPeck – gourmet supermarket. Must visit.Bice – no comparison with the nyc location.Biffi/Cova – coffee/pastriesBiffi (corso genova) – best clothing boutiqueNavigli (neighborhood) – good for eveningsMy wife (who is Milanese) recently wrote a travel article about milan here:…Feel free to contact me if you want any more recommendations. Happy to help.

    1. Gotham Gal

      This is great info. Love the article too. Thanks.

  3. carine

    If you like tea, go to mariages freres in Paris With firefox, i could not leave you a comment. There w asa map instead of the comment box. Very strange.

  4. John

    I used to stay in a terrific little paris hotel in a great location: Hotel Claude Bernard in Rue des Ecoles. look it up.

  5. Gotham Gal

    Thanks. Just went on line and attempted to get reservations. I have wantedto go there. Hopefully we will be lucky and get a table.

  6. Jonathan

    If you are going to Paris, try to get to Hidden Kitchen. While they book up well in advance, they also get cancellations. Its a great meal and a lot of fun.

  7. casey

    josh abelow is living in Berlin right now- you should contact him! xo cc

  8. kenberger

    I *know* you guys will take this w/ the greatest respect and the greatest tongue in cheek, but:Yawn!…(just kidding cuz i feel i lost the bet on India. Milan and Berlin happen to be amazing, if wintry cold)

  9. jackson

    Wicked psyched that we’ll be seeing you all in Munich, bummed that you had to put off India.You’ll love Berlin, Europe’s Gotham.I’ve never been to Milan, I’m fear that I’m too sexy for Milan.

  10. Arno-Tech4buziness

    Another French destination : Strasbourg in France. The city that I live. Beautifull in any season and specially during December with the famous : marché de noel (christmas market). Incredible

  11. Alison

    I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and really enjoy it – as both a fellow ny’er and foodie, we seem to have a lot of the same taste. And, I happen to be in paris now w/my fiance for the next 3 weeks. We rented a great little apt on rue bonaparte. I wanted to pass on 2 restaurants that were delicious, very french but also fun. L’Escallier du bistrot – on rue paul bert. Seafood is the star. Shellfish platter was fantastic and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Everything (including the bread and specialty butters) were excellent. le 404 – morrocan place i had heard a lot about in the marais. Really fun, dark atmosphere with a variety of tagines and couscous. Not too pricey and the later seatings turn into a big party. Both restaurants require a reservation because they are small and have 1-2 seatings a night. Enjoy!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. I heard that le 404 was delicious. Will add to the list. Enjoyyour 3 weeks.