Bistro Paul Bert

Our last meal as a group was at Bistro Paul Bert.  Emily wanted to get there this past summer and we never did so this was the first place to eat on the list. 

Classic Bistro.  Price fix which is always nice.  Josh really kicked off his meal with fried eggs with shaved black truffles over the top.  Honestly, you can't beat that.  Fred had the fois gras which was delicious served with a apple chutney on the side and a huge piece of brown bread.  Jess and I had a plate of thinly sliced white fish with some lemon juice and chopped celery on top.  Needed salt.  I think the way to go here is with the high cholesterol food.

For dinner, Fred had a beef stew.  Beyond rich and tasty.  Probably had been sitting on the stove for 12 hours.  Emily went with the steak au poivre.  Very saucy.  Jess went with a grill open cod.  Lots of butter and beautifully browned.  Josh and I split the steak and the fries on the side.  All good and typical Bistro food.

For dessert, Josh has a chocolate soup.  Melted pudding basically.  Fred went for the cheese plate.  They brought him over a big wooden board with every cheese in the place.  Then when he is ready he took a piece from each, put it on his plate and eventually they come back and got the board.  Very civilized.  Jess has 3 scoops of raspberry sorbet which were full of flavor and out of this world.  Emily had the tarte tartin which was amazing.  Browned buttery apples in a flaky crust.  I had a dessert that has a name but I can't remember it.  A round of puff pastry that has been sliced down the middle, horizontally and then filled with a chocolate cream.  Really delicious.

I really enjoyed the restaurant and we had reservations the following evening at Aux Lyonnais but I hit the wall at Bistro Paul Bert.  Eating out every meal and I was done.  We attempted to get reservations for something else the following night that was Spanish or Italian and in walking distance but in the end walked around the corner from our hotel to a bad bistro, Le Castiglione, that was recommended by Indagare ( shame on them ) but at that point, I was ready go to home. 


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