Looking for the perfect gift

Pierre herme
Emily and I spent the day together 2 days ago.  We had a few things we were looking for but the key was looking for the perfect gift.  We covered some serious ground.

We began in the 6th where we hit up every shop.  The stores are definitely filled with merchandise but the big sales don't happen, a big unfortunate for us, until January 7th.  The difference here vs the US, is that it is a socialist country.  Companies can't fire people so readily as they look at their profit margins and decide to cut back.  Although people are certainly watching the media and seeing countries having a difficult time financially, the people are still basically guaranteed a salary unless a company goes bankrupt.  It is interesting.  When I walk into a store and see merchandise there that I have seen since  autumn that is still at full price, I wonder what the stores books are looking like.  Just an observation.

Over the course of our journey we walked by Pierre Herme in the 6th and saw a huge line.  Made us both laugh out loud.  Reminded us of Magnolia on Bleeker Street where the lines go all day long. 

APC recommended we make our way out to the 18th to check out their surplus store.  Woah.  Maybe because we lived here for a month, maybe because we live in NYC, maybe just because, we figured, why not.  Got on the subway and went out to the 18th.  We have actually been out there before.  It is behind Sacre Coeur.  Not the nicest of neighborhoods.  Actually, I felt a tad uncomfortable.  We did a serious speed walk and once we got to the store and realized it was a bust, we jumped back on the Metro.  Emily saw how packed the Metro was and hesitated, I did not, I shoved her on and said just get on it and let's get out of here.  An adventure, for sure, not one I'd want to take again.  It is the comfort level.  I felt like we stood out like a sore thumb. 

Then we went back to Bon Marche and grabbed a bite.  Us and the million people who were stuffing their refrigerators for New Year's.  It was mayhem.  Then we walked the store and finally found the perfect gift. 

A serious day, an adventure, and a good Mommy day.  Gotta grab the points where I can. 

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