Twitter_logo_header In full disclosure, Fred's company, Union Square Ventures, has an investment in Twitter.  It has been quite a ride watching the company grow.  I started to Twitter for a nanosecond but have decided to get back in the picture. 

I'd be interested to see if more people begin to read my blog from using Twitter as another tool.  Also, there are so many things that I see and do during the same that are one liners and I usually just shoot off a BBM to my friend.  Now, I am going to send out a twitter.

You can find me at Twitter under The Gotham Gal

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  1. Shelley

    I’ve been twittering for exactly a year now. My techie son set me up on it last year after returning from SXSW. But I discovered that I use it quite differently than a lot of people/bloggers/businesses are starting to use it – which is primarily for marketing purposes. I use it to communicate with a small circle of family & friends only. My profile is private and I want to keep it that way. I have only 8 people on my list – my close family and a couple of close friends. I feel comfortable sending out a few twits per week that way.The real benefit to me is that both my sons live in California now – one at Google and one at college. They are in my “circle”. My husband is too. We absolutely love it when we are going about our business and get a short tweet about what each son “is doing” at the time. It really helps us feel more connected even though we no longer live nearby. I have recommended that a few of my empty-nest moms get there adult children in a twitter circle with them – and they too have found it to be great. Later when we talk on the phone or send a longer email, we can refer to the earlier shorter message on twitter. Our sons are leading busy lives and we talk to them on the phone once or twice a week, perhaps have a private text once or twice in regard to a question or sharing info – but the casual “what I’m doing” tweets are the real link that help us still feel more closely connected on a more frequent basis. We love Twitter.

    1. Gotham Gal

      That is very cool. Twitter is being used in so many different ways.

  2. New West Living

    8:30 scratched my back!8:45: OMFG, I had to scratch my back again.Twitter is a vehicle for narcissts who have this fetishistic proclivity to share every single inane BS about their lives on the web.Nobody freaking cares!See Flutter on youtube it’s good for you Gotham Gal. Now if you will execuse me, I am going to tweet about the fact that I wrote a comment about twitter!Seriously how old are you guys?