Montreal, Day 1

 We reconnected with old friends a few months ago, not that we were
disconnected but we live in different cities.  They live in Toronto and
have raised their family there.  If we all had raised our kids in one
city, we probably would have spent serious time together but
unfortunately we didn't.  After spending time over a friends party
weekend, we decided to go away for a weekend together.  Montreal was
the spot.

Fred and I arrived around noon.  They are coming in a bit later.  Nothing like getting out of town for a little R & R without kids and the dog.  I am not sure either of us have wound down yet but we are working towards it.  After all, as I sit here blogging, Fred is taking a nap. 


We dropped off our luggage at the St. Paul Hotel and walked up the street to have lunch at Holder.  I walked in the door and turned to Fred and said, "it smells like Paris".  A long bar, wooden tables and chairs.  Very Parisian and packed.  2 seats at the bar were calling out our name. 

I had a delicious nicoise salad.  A small chunk of grill tuna served over frisee, capers, chopped eggs, quartered tomatoes with a tarragon based vinaigrette.  Fred went for the mussels and fries.  A huge pot of mussels cooked in white wine and the fries were seriously crispy just like I like them.  Oh, were they Fred's fries? 

Afterward, we took a walk down the waterfront.  Big oil tanker, lots of bicyclists, and old style architecture.  A cross between Boston and Barcelona.  Strange combo perhaps but that is what came to mind.  We then walked over to the market that houses local jewelers.  Not my thing.  A tad like a Faneiul Hall or South Street Seaport.  We continued our walk through the open square with no cars and cafes.  Made the loop back to the Hotel on Rue St. Paul which is filled with art galleries and restaurants. 

Tomorrow, we plan on spending the day at the Jean-Talon market in the Italian area and the Mile-End area.  Dinner tonight at L'Epicier.