Gun control

Images Obama seems to be attempting to truly change the Government from top to bottom.  Not an easy task.  Change is making sure that big business is no longer running the country.  Going after the tax shelters over seas is a good way to start.  When will the Obama administration do something about the high and mighty NRA?

Yesterday, a young college student, with the rest of her life ahead of her, was shot and killed at a book store outside of the Wesleyan campus.  The perp is still at large.  It appears, at least from what I am reading, that he knew her. 

Here is a scenario that I don't understand.  Maybe it wasn't what happened but…  A guy or girl decides that he/she is so angry at another person for whatever it may be.  They broke up, money was stolen, who knows.  He/She walks into a store, buys a gun and then retaliates for whatever took place by killing the other person.  This person, who acted in anger, has now killed a person, destroyed a family and in turn destroyed their life because they are going to jail for life.  Perhaps this would have been resolved over time thru a better way if guns were not so readily available.

When are we going to stop making guns so readily available for violence?