Time Stands Still



There is nothing quite like good theater.  You walk out of the theater just feeling energized.

Last night I saw Time Stood Still, the latest production from MTC.  A fantastic cast.  Laura Linney, Eric Bogasian, Brian D'Arcy and Alicia Silverstone.

The story was timely and interesting on so many levels.  Linney and D'Arcy are journalists who have spent the last 8 years shooting and writing about war, famine and every atrocity you can imagine.  After a near death experience for Linney, they both return home.

Bogosian is their editor who has rid of his partner and has instead chosen the young light hearted Silverstone to get married and have a family with at a very late stage of life.

Linney, after coming back from the brink of death, only wants to return to the game where D'Arcy wants to stop the madness and settle into a less frenetic life.

This is a play that can speak to anyone in the audience.  Each character is layered, each character makes difficult life decisions that changes the dynamic of everyone of their relationships.  Although there is a political context to the story, underneath that is a love story.  Interesting conversation to be had after the play.  A relevant topic today of how we are all living our lives without taking the time to step back and smell the roses.  As Silverstone says at one point ( from memory so it probably isn't exactly what she said) , "if the 2 of you only see the tragic things in life instead of seeing the joy, what is the point."

Get the tickets before the play sells out.  Bravo!

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