Prime 112

Fred and are in Miami for a few days.  How about a boondoggle conference in Miami during February?  Hmmm, let me think about that for a second.  We are here staying at the Mondrian
We got to the hotel last night, quickly dropped our bags off in the room and went over to Prime 112.  The place was seriously humming.  Miami is really a world onto its own. 

It is not okay that we have a reservation and we were seated 40 minutes past our time.  I'm starving, we just flew in from NYC and the woman taking the seating info is far from charming.  10 minutes it okay, but 40, I don't think so.  On top of that I just witnessed 2 people, perhaps locals, going in front of us.  At this point, I called the manager on it.  He said that they were always like this and because of the weather he had lost many patrons that evening.  I was surprised he hadn't lost more.  Needless to say, right after I shamed him, we were served to a seat for 4.  No apologies, nothing. 

I also felt like I was a fish out of water because I wasn't going with the flow.  What can I say?
Hey, I'm in Miami for the weather not for the culinary, seen to be seen, experience.  Obviously a mistake on my part.  Perhaps that is a world that I have left behind many years ago but it isn't okay to be treat your patrons like that. 

Regardless, we finally got seated next to Isiah Thomas.  There were a few NBA'ers in the house. 

It was late so we didn't want to eat too much.  We split the tomato/onion salad with blue cheese on top.  Classic steak house stuff but nothing to write home about.  For a steak, we split the rib-eye for 2 which was fantastic.  Excellent meat, well cooked, full of flavor and really rich.  For the sides, we went with the mushrooms and spinach.  Both good and loaded with butter which is what the steak was probably loaded with too. 

Good food, quite the scene which I was obviously not prepared for, and if you go, don't expect to be seated on time.  To top off the whole night, our cab drive was from Belarus and was on his second day.  He had no idea where we were going.  At least we did.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. WA

    Services marketing failure across the board. Welcome to our world down here, I am so sorry to say. Made us realize to never take the rest of the culinary world for granted. Okay…home sick for Aqua.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I was in the right frame of mind. It takes awhile to settle down after leaving NYCjoanne [email protected]

  2. gsilberman

    that is the norm there …we always make reservations on the early side when we eat there because after that you can wait for an hour or longer…and I’m not into WAITING when I have a reservation..and yes they absolutely seat “the regulars” before us New Yorkers just visiting for a few days…but the food is good !!!!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Next time, I will eat at the early bird special hour.joanne [email protected]