L’Ami Louis

Last night we had dinner at L'Ami Louis.  A Parisian institution. The menu never changes and the floors are probably the same since the opening.  Monsieur Louis still runs the place.   A place absolutely worth going at least once and saving your dollars for.  Certainly over priced and you can definitely get a better meal somewhere else in Paris but there is something about the place that I just love.  Very much old school.  Last night was our second time.   

We began with the jambon.  There are about 5 different options to start.  Foie gras, escargots, duck confit and a few other items.  The jambon is super rich but then again so is everything on the menu.  It is perfect over the toasted baguettes and slab of butter that is served to your table from the start. 

For a second course, we had the salad.  Whatever green is of the season is what they serve.  Last night was frisse which isn't my favorite when it is the only greens in the bowl.  What we were all waiting for was for the main course.

We ordered the roast chicken.  The best chickens in France come from the Brest region.  However they make them at L'Ami Louis, they are delicious.  I am sure butter is stuffed into the carcass before slow roasting in the oven but what I don't know won't hurt me.  They bring over the whole chickens to the table before cutting it up for the table.  I would have liked to have taken a picture but it happened too fast.  I'd like to come back once and order the steak or the lamb but each time we have ordered the chicken.

Last night was a little different from our last time.  They didn't ask which potato we wanted and I would have ordered the gallette not the fries which is what they served us.  Super thin crispy fries.  They brought us all over a breast to start and I had to call him back to ask for dark meat.  Last time, they asked about everything.  For whatever reason, they didn't this time around. 

For dessert, we had the chocolate mousse cake which is delicious and the berries.  You can get mixed berries or just the strawberries.  Berries
The strawberries are wild, tiny and delicious.  At $50 a plate, they should be. 

The berries come with creme fraiche and sugar on the side.  Nice touch. 

Instead of the Metro, we rolled home in a cab.  Way too much food and drink…but I seem just fine this morning. 

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  1. AlanPearlstein

    So how good is their roast chicken?? When I saw your post the other day about a different restaurant you and Fred went to I was about to comment that you must go to L’ami Louis. I am glad to see you did. How can you not like the rude waiters, large portions, great food and grungy atmosphere??? I love that place.

    1. Gotham Gal

      L’Ami Louis is delicious. Sometimes the first experience is your best experience.

  2. bob68

    Sorry for my interruption but you quoted by mistake “Brest” which is a town in France and not connected to chickens instead of “Bresse”.http://en.wikipedia.org/wik…Thank you for your report of a L’Ami Louis

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. You are absolutely correct. My mistake!