Internet Week and Public

It is Internet Week.  A marketing ploy perhaps but industry parties and events are abundant.

Earlier this week we went to the party at Gawker media.  The space is fantastic.  The roof deck rocks and it was truly unfortunate that it was pouring rain.

I admit that I do enjoy the industry centric parties on occasion.  I get to see a variety of people I know and like.  I also love the conversations about business.  It is mostly about start-ups so the excitement of starting something new, thinking about what's next and being with a group of smart independent thinkers isn't so bad. The downside is that people begin to pitch Fred and line up for advice and counsel.  Its part of the territory and certainly you never know if one of those people have the next best break-out idea.  Yet, would anyone come up to a public figure at a party and intrude on their private space?  He might be out in public but it isn't the time and place to have people take your time away from connecting with friends and business associates even though it is an industry event.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw another person zero in on Fred after waiting on the sidelines.  At this point, it was time to go.  We walked down to the street to Public which I haven't been to in years.

The space is fantastic serving Australian/Asian food.  Heard a lot of Aussie accents.  The place was basically empty.  The menu is odd and the food is not that good.  We split four appetizers.


Fried oysters which was the best thing we had.  Simple and pretty good with a nice sauce. 

The scallops were doused with aioli and not so good. 

The terrine was inedible. 

The marinated anchovies on top of the croquettes was not that good either.  One was all I could do. Even the focaccia to start was uninteresting and too dense.

My recommendation is shake up the menu and the chef because the space is great, the location is prime and the vibe that has been created in there is really nice.  The food, not so nice.

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