China Tiang

Our neighbors, from the city, recommended we try China Tiang which is located in the Dorchester Hotel.  We had dinner there on Friday night and it was fantastic.  I wish we had a group of 10 so I could have tried more.  We mixed it up between the dim sum menu and the dinner menu.

 Steamed beef soup dumplings

 Pork buns

 Peking Duck.  This comes in two courses or three courses.  Two courses begins with the classic duck and pancakes.  The second course is taking what is left on the bone and making a stir fry out of it.  Sort of tastes like moo-shoo duck.  The third would be taking the bones and making a soup.  We opted for two courses.

 Here is the second course of duck.

 Roasted pork belly and vegetables in a clay pot.  Wow.

 Stir fried greens.  Not even sure what they were called but they were crispy and perfect. 

 Chocolate dumplings out of sheer curiosity.  Interesting.  Gooey chocolate wrapped inside a dumpling wrapper and steamed.  Can't really go wrong.

Dinner was so good.  Made me love Chinese food again.  I'd consider going back again before we leave.

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  1. rachel

    I can’t thank you enough for finding and sharing good eats in London. Everytime we’re there we search high and low for good food and it is close to impossible to find.This dinner makes me feel like hopping a plane right this minute.

    1. Gotham Gal

      London has come really far in the food world over the past 30 years. I still thnk the best food there is Chinese and Indian.