Wright Brothers Porter and Oyster House

The area of Borough Market, which is one of my all time favorite food markets, has a variety of restaurants throughout the streets.  We had dinner at Wright Brothers Porter and Oyster House on Friday night.  People were poured out onto the street drinking wine and beer.  Each restaurant's waiting patrons were mixing together with every other restaurant.  Great vibe.  Also, you can drink on the street so it was a big party.

I actually screwed up the reservations.  Horror!  I made it for Sunday and thought I had made it for Friday.  They took us anyway and put us in the first four seats around the bar so we were in the restaurant and out on the street.  This was the perfect location. 

The oysters there are fantastic.  Plump, juicy, not too briny. 

The menu is what the specials are that day.  Kind of like that.  This is the smoked salmon.  Yum.

Here is the salmon tartare.  Nice presentation.

The potted shrimp wasn't our thing.  Tiny shrimp cooked in massive butter and then congealed. 

We opted for a platter of cold seafood instead of the other entrees available.  Just wasn't feeling it.

Great place to go.  Very local.  Awesome oysters. Great vibe.