zurich day 2


Today we had breakfast at the hotel.  Nothing like the bread
basket and soft scrambled eggs to start the morning off right.


We finally figured out the tram system
which made life easier and cheaper.  The system is pretty amazing. 
Similar to Paris on how it works.  I much prefer the above ground system
over the under ground system.  Not that NYC is changing anytime
soon but there is something very civilized about it. 


We made our way over to the Migros Museum.  The museum is housed
in what used to be the Lowenbrau Factory.  It has been turned into a
museum with a bunch of galleries.  Most of the art was seriously out
there.  Not sure any of us got it or felt connected to anything we saw
but it was certainly interesting.  


First stop, Steven Sherer Gallery that consisted of large one
color canvases with a photo in the middle of someone rocking out to a
guitar.  This particular one struck me as funny.


Next gallery was Gallery
Bob Van Orsouw
.  Most of the pieces look like the one above but the
black and white one is the only one that I found drawn to.


Peter Kilchman had two exhibits.  One was just strange but the
work of Raffi Kalenderian ended up being my favorite work in the entire
place. Bad pic but I did like these two pieces. 


Hauser and Wirth was interesting….and finally….air
conditioned.  They spent some money in their gallery.  All steel and
glass.  Very cool space.  Josh liked this piece.


At the Kunstalle,
which is one part of the museum, there were a variety of works. The
other part is the Migros which had such an out there exhibit that I
can't even begin to describe it and the sign said no pics.   I wouldn't necessarily
want to own one of these pieces but I loved how they hung together. 
Each one is a large purl knitted blanket blocked over on a piece of wood and


As we walked over to the tram we noticed another gallery, Mitterand
that had Fred Wilson in the lower hand corner of their glass
front.  Of course we took pictures and walked in. 

Fred has actually met
the artist before.  They know each other only by name only and of course images from the top hits on Google.  One day, Fred
was on the phone with me and saw him and quickly got off.  He saw Fred too.  They talked and
laughed.  Small world.  This his work above. 


Next to the gallery was the cutest grocery store Sudp.  I believe
that was the name.  Like an old time family run store but it was run by
30 year olds.  Everything that was made in there smelled delicious.  You
can pick up lunch or anything to go as well as a few groceries.  We had some house ice tea that was fantastic.

tried to go into another area to find some galleries but they aren't
exactly sitting in one area like Chelsea.  They are all over the city in different locations.  We bagged. 

We got
back on the tram and made our way over to the lake area where people
swim.  We wandered into one of the swim clubs which was relatively
small.  It was kind of strange atmosphere.  Areas to sit, to eat but it
was just very tight.  People swim out to the floating decks in the lake. 

One thing in that particular area that I noted is the names of the
restaurants. Odeon, Balthazaar and Shillers.  Which came first, these
restaurants are Keith McNally's?  Just an observation.  I know the Odeon
came here first because that is where Albert Einstein supposedly hung

We moved on and finally found a place to eat.  Right on the water.  A
tiny place that serves sausages, salads, beer and wine.  Restaurant
Pumpstation. Perfect. 

It was so hot and people were swimming in
the lake.  I dared Emily to jump in and so she did.  Unfortunately I
captured her after she got in but she was so much happier once she got

Back to the hotel.  Josh and I hit the work out room.  The
spa area here is sick.  There is a room that has snow every day of the
year.  In front of that room are these large tubs filled with hot black
pebbles.  You are supposed to churn the pebbles with your hands, lie on
them with a towel and then go into the snow room to chill, literally. 

Josh and I went in after our work out to cool down. 

Josh's question…how much do you think it costs to build that room?