Kronenhalle is one the restaurant that everyone must go to when they come to Zurich.  I got that the minute we walked into the place.  I am not sure I got it once I started eating. 

The room is old school.  Dark wood, old paintings, big chandeliers, tables and banquettes, waiters dressed in the classic black and white outfit.  You feel as if you are walking back in time.  It reminded me of a handful of places we have been to that have not really changed in 100 years.  Unfortunately, I am not sure the food has changed either.

Two of us had the avocado.  Avocado split in half filled with a vinaigrette.  Simple and perhaps the best thing anyone ate. 

Em went with the classic mozzarella and tomato plate.  Mozzarella has rarely disappointed on this trip.  It was fine here but a tad tasteless. 

I had the melon and ham.  Fresh melon and dried beef that tasted more like salami and was incredibly tough. Underneath the meat was a small ball of iceberg lettuce.  Not sure why. 

There is a cart that rolls around the restaurant with the special of the day.  A chef cuts it for you and you can have more if you want.  Yesterday's dish was roasted veal.  Figuring that it was their special thing, I went with it.

Dry and tasteless sitting in a salty dark brown sauce perhaps to add some flavor.  A couple of bites is all I needed.  I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  That says something. 

On the side of the veal dish is a mixture of vegetables.  They all taste the same, cauliflower, boiled potatoes, sliced tomatoes served room temperature.  The only vegetable that was different was the eggplant.  Roasted until it was falling apart and served room temperature.  That wasn't bad.

Emily went with the fish that was inedible.  She took two bites and was done.  I tried it, I didn't blame her. 

Josh had the duck which wasn't bad.  Sliced pieces of duck with a boiled down cherry sauce.  On the side they served a potato gratin that was the size of his head.  Full of cheese and cream.  Can't go wrong there but the portion was insane.

Dessert was not an option considering the room was so hot.  Nobody is really prepared for the type of heat they are having here.  Even the hotel rooms are warm.  They have air circulation systems not air conditioning.  Not sure why.  Perhaps environmentally better or they work fine when the high is 80.

We did Kronenhalle as you are supposed to.  The food reminded me of places my Grandfather used to take us on occasion for our Sunday night meal.  Sometimes we would go to old school hotel restaurants that I remember being inedible.  Green beans that were boiled down to the point that they were laden with water.  Beef overcooked by at least an hour.  Kronenhalle is a bit of the same. Perhaps the chefs trained together.  Glad we saw it but a cold drink just to experience the room might have been the call instead of an actual meal.