Little Flower Candy Company

I had lunch with a friend of my sister-in-laws today.  She is in from LA.  This is the second time we have gotten together.  Grew up in NYC and pines for NYC on a daily basis.  I got together with her to hear about how her business is coming along and see if I could possibly be of any help.   She is great and I just enjoy talking to her. 

Yesterday I received a box of goodies from Little Flower Candy Company which she sent in appreciation before our lunch.  Wow.  Love that and love love the treats!  Could be one of the best caramels I have ever eaten.  The sugar/cinnamon covered handmade marshmallows are outrageous.  Yes, I should weigh 400 lbs. 

The owner, Christine Moore has known the woman I had lunch with forever.  A former pastry chef who got off the ramp to have kids and started fooling around with candy making in her kitchen…and the Little Flower Candy Company was born.  Great story.

Indulge and buy some….for yourself!