madison square park food stalls

I have flown by the corner of Madison Square Park many times over the past few weeks and have noticed the stalls.  On one side there are retail stalls.  T-shirts, scarves, handmade crafts, etc.  On the other side of the street there are food stalls.  I happened to be in the area yesterday and walked through them.  They will only be open until the 23rd of October but if you are in the neighborhood, a fun thing to do.

Pies and Thighs is one of the food vendors.  A place that has had tons of press over the last couple of years.  I picked up some delicious layered biscuits for dinner.  Although the kids grabbed a few and smothered them with jelly.  All good.

Roberta's also has a stand.  A traveling pizza oven which is just awesome.  Tried one of their pizzas for lunch.  Another restaurant that I am dying to get out to.

Other food purveyors are Stuffed artisan cannolis, Resto, Fatty Crab, Piccolo, Ililli, Tanjore, Bar Suzette, Almond, Breezy Hill Orchard, Waffles and Dinges and Sigmund Pretzel Shop

Everything looked good.  I then made my way over to Eataly.  Things have definitely calmed down and appear to be flowing much easier.  The products they carry are truly fantastic.  I picked up a few things for the pantry.  Every restaurant place was packed for lunch.  Not an empty seat.  I want to get back and take a seat.  Next time. 

Continued walking home.  Fall is in the air and it feels fantastic. 

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  1. Sunchowder

    Ahhh…I wish I could take a walk in your neighborhood! Longing for NYC. Eataly is on my list 🙂

  2. Ryan Drew

    Funny, we are planning a trip (from DC) next weekend which is partially driven by the chance to visit Eataly. I’ve heard only great things.I’d have to think we are not the only people to travel to check the place out. I cannot think of another example where we’d go out of our way to visit such an establishment. Eataly may be the first non-restaurant (and non-novelty) food attraction.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It is absolutely worth checking out. Have lunch and take it all in.Definitely an attraction.

  3. velojoy

    Loved your post. I’ve stopped by the food stalls a couple of times over the last few weeks on my bike. So easy to grab something yummy on the fly. The chocolate chip cookies topped with pretzel pieces at Sigmund are THE BEST.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yum. Love the chocolate with salty