mini banana muffins and a weekend of stuff

friday afternoon was spent having lunch at jeffrey's grocery with a few friends and catching up. always nice. 

met fred for a movie.  we saw it's kind of a funny story.  really liked it.  a total feel good movie that definitely hits on the topic of insane pressure that high school kids go under because of who they are and expectations that their parents put on them.  zach galfianakis is hilarious and keir gilchrist we will probably see more of in the years to come.

after the film we walked over to prune where we actually grabbed a table for two.  love that place.  makes me feel like i am in paris. 

speaking of zach, i love that he lit up a joint on the bill maher show.  it's absolutely fantastic and worth the watch.

saturday was spent doing errands and nonsense and of course finishing sundays crossword and saturdays.  saturday night we went to an annual halloween carving party.  great concept.  everyone carves a pumpkin while drinking and eating an incredible spread of food cooked over an entire week by our hosts.  been doing this party off and on since the 1980's. 

today was purely relaxation.  got up and noticed 6 rotten bananas.  made mini muffins for the 6 kids that spent the night in random places around the house.  not a great recipe so i won't share but nobody seemed to mind.  finished a book, read another while watching the jets game. 

halloween in the village is a time you either join in the party or hunker down indoors.  we are going for the latter.  i figure saturday night was our halloween. 


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  1. ellen

    we are in the throws of a very busy Halloween night. For the Jewish people on the street, this is like a competition as if it were a Christmas decorating contest. One neighbor has spent 2 weeks setting up his front lawn into a house of horrors. He has skeletons on pulleys. He has “blood” flowing from a fountain, friends dressed up in outrageous costumes, loud spooky music, different vignettes of horrors etc. It is an absolute happening down the street. We have given out 80 candy bars already and it is only 8:06 pm.

    1. Gotham Gal

      have to say…i miss that. i have always adored halloween. the kids are sodamn cute!