sunday in nyc

We got up and met some friends at Shillers for brunch this morning.  I was surprised not to see Lockhart Steele there as I have always thought that he lives there or at least maintains some time of residency.  Brunch was perfect.  A bread basket and some eggs and we were set to walk around the neighborhood.

Today was the 10th annual International Pickle Day.  Had to go and see Rick...and of course all the competition.  There was a serious line to get a pickle on a stick at Rick's booth.  Just what we like to see.

Afterward, we walked around the neighborhood and finally made our way back uptown for the Sunday grocery shop. 

During half time of the Jet game, Josh made up a concoction to pour over the chicken.  I bought tiny chickens for dinner so everybody gets their own.  He mixed together soy sauce, honey, mirin, oyster sauce and hoisin.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Poured it over the chickens.  Put them in the oven at 400.  In the bottom of the roasting pan I put a little chicken stock.  When we took the chickens out of the oven, I attempted to strain off as much fat as possible and then put the roasting pan on the stove and cranked up the heat.  The sauce got really rich and we poured it over the chicken before serving.  On the side was pan fried brussel sprouts with lots of salt and Shriacha sauce.  

Before dinner I started the new Nicole Krauss book, Great House.  I have read both of her books and so far this one seems like a winner too. 

To bed early for a very busy week ahead.