day 2 in tel aviv and i am walked out

Fred and I left the hotel around 930, kids fast asleep.  We strolled over to Benedict for breakfast.  A 24/7 breakfast place.  The menu was pretty amazing.  Everything looked good.  I was tempted to go with the health bowl which consisted of two poached eggs over yellow and red lentils, coriander and of course yogurt but I wasn't so sure I wanted to kick off the day like that knowing what I wanted to check out, food-wise, over the course of the day.  I actually went healthy…gasp…granola, fruit and yogurt and a little honey on the side.  Pretty damn good. 

Since there was no doubt the kids would be sleeping for hours we walked to Jaffa.  Took us about an hour but what other way to really get to know a city.  We passed a variety of parks.  This one was filled with young girls who I assume go to the same school taking a morning break.

Here is a picture of Jaffa jutting out into the ocean. 

Some of the areas we passed were not in such great shape.  I thought this was hilarious.  The painted wall of top Jews.

We called the kids and woke them telling them we were doing the flea markets and if they wanted to come along now would be the time…and so they did.  When we met them the first thing we did was walk over to an Arabic bakery called Abouelafia which is open 24/7. 

We tried a few things but this is a classic dessert called Kanafa. 

Then off to the flea markets.  It is relatively quiet on a Wednesday.  I have one word for the markets…  SHLOCK.  The girls opted to go back to an area from yesterday and get lunch and Josh stuck with us.  I believe the girls came back to the flea markets for more exploration than I was willing to give it later in the day.

You can see what Josh and Fred thought about the flea markets. 

It was a beeline to Dr. Shaksuka.  We sat in the backyard.  Quite the place.

We were given pickled good and couscous with beans…also good. 

Ordered some mint tea. 

Here is our shaksuka.  Roasted tomatoes and peppers heavy handed olive oil and two eggs on top with a loaf of bread to mop up the meal on the side.  Excellent.  I loved it. 

Here is their kitchen.

At the top of Jaffa is the Ilana Goor museum.  A woman who is an artist that has been collecting for years and has opened her house to show her collection.  It is pretty cool.  This one room is devoted to small sculptures.

There are a bunch of galleries as you walk up the hill.  One very cool shop called Elemento that carried anything from furniture, lights, vases, plates and art.  This piece is from the artist they have around the walls now. 

Jaffa sq
I kind of thought that Safed, the artists community up near the Golan Heights, would be more like this area in Jaffa.  Large squares with galleries and places to eat, not really touristy at all but a nice area.  It is well worth the walk to the top of Jaffa vs the flea markets below.

Fred left Josh and me at this point.  He went back to the hotel and Josh and I ventured over to the Carmel Market.  Cabbed it over but again were dropped off about a 15 minute walk from the area we were supposed to go.  The Carmel market is filled with stalls of clothes and then as you move onward it is filled with food. 



Pomegranates.  Some of the biggest pomegranates I have ever seen in my life. 

This guy kept yelling "delicious" so Josh went for one of his sandwiches.

Grilled chicken, hummus, fried onions with a sauce all stuffed in a pita.  Delicious.



This woman was making huge rounds of bread on top of a hot domed pan.  I had to try it.  I really just wanted the bread. 

Behind her was another woman making something else in a old fashioned oven.  We got one of the spinach stuffed breads.  Not that interesting but I just had to take one bite and so we did.

Josh and I decided to walk all the way back to the hotel.  The planes fly super lower here.

We passed these guys playing a serious game of ball.  Two against one.  They hit the balls super hard. Made it back to the hotel and collapsed.  I walked for hours today.  All good. 




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  1. William Mougayar

    Wow Lots of nice pics…Did you pick/see/eat Jaffa oranges yet?That thin bread is great. It’s healthier than the thicker pita bread.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i have seen plenty of oranges and have had the fresh squeeze oj.