Mt nebo
We got up at the ungodly hour of 5am to get grab a plane to Amman, Jordan.  We definitely did not need to get up that early but that is another story on to itself.  I might need a vacation after this vacation.

Getting through customs alone was interesting.  Cultures are so different.  If you thought NYers were pushy, loud and cut in line think again and take a trip to the Middle East.  A whole different ball game. 

Mt nebo more
We made our way directly up to Mt. Nebo where it is believed that it was here where Moses saw the Promised Land.  It is beautiful up there and gives you a really interesting perspective of how close all the Middle Eastern countries are to each other.  It takes only 6 hours to drive across the entire country of Jordan.  There is smog but you can see the Dead Sea.

There is a church on top going through construction and these mosaics are part of it.  Incredible pieces of work now housed in a small tent outside the church. 

We drove back through Amman stopping for lunch at a Jordanian fast food shop called Daya'a.

Lunch day'a retaura
Not bad actually.  Sliced chicken from the large rotisseries rolled up in a pita bread with pickles and a spicy sauce.  Comes back at you later but not bad going down. 

Our next ride was to Jerash.  One of the world's best preserved Roman provincial cities.  The Decapolis trading League city of Gerasa dating back thousands of years. 

This is the gates to the city. 

Here is where the Chariots rode. 

There is a small restaurant on the site where coffee was so in order.

Here is the theater.  The acoustics are incredible.  You can literally whisper from the center of the stage and you can hear someone speak anywhere in the stands.  If you put your head in those small holes behind Josh when you speak there is an echo.  Those must help with the acoustics.

We were given a small performance.

The marketplace.

Unbelievable how ornate the tops of the columns are and continue to stand today after earthquakes and so much time.

Definitely worth the journey.  An unbelievable city.  Quite large in scope and gives you a true perspective of what life might have been like thousands of years ago.

Back to the hotel for a little relaxation and then out to dinner.  Tomorrow, Petra. 



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  1. Mike Hart

    Based on the food I’ve seen so far this may become known as the Pepto trip. That pretzel in Cairo didn’t look too bad.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it wasn’t bad but i can tell you it isn’t great

  2. andyswan

    Very cool. Pls keep posting….feels like I’m along for the ride.

  3. Banet

    Petra is gonna blow you away. Enjoy!

    1. Gotham Gal

      so excited!

  4. paramendra

    “I might need a vacation after this vacation.” “Comes back at you later but not bad going down.” LOL

  5. kenberger

    I did a similar trip in February, plus Dubai, Oman, and Israel.Here’s selected funny photos. I wonder if your Giza guide got you to take goofy pix like ours:

  6. William Mougayar

    You’re on a roll…moving along. It’s only Tuesday, and you’re already in Jordan, wow. Great pics as usual.I hope you brought some Rollaids…seems like food is repeating on you.. Lol