Blood, Bones & Butter

Images Gabrielle Hamilton rules.  Not only am I a huge fan of Prune from the day the restaurant opened…and have returned many times over the years, I just love her. Just a note that I have written three separate blog posts on Prune over the years. 

The book is about family and quite frankly the education of Gabrielle Hamilton.  She is a wonderful writer.  The words flow in Blood, Bones and Butter.  She is completely transparent about her rambling life that found her drawn to the kitchen no matter where she ended up. 

Hamilton is a tough cookie who grew up in NYC in the 80's like I did.  Traveled through Europe, married into an Italian family, had two kids, had a difficult relationship with her own childhood, got an education through all the drifting she had but through luck and timing Prune exists today.  Food is the epicenter of her existence.  She has lived life on her own terms.  Just a great memoir.  She is a serious badass. 

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  1. Ryan Drew

    BB&B is a fantastic read. I particularly enjoyed how it shifted topics, between drawn-out expansive passages and abrupt accelerations, which kept me from falling into the flow/lull a tightly wound memoir delivers. GH’s relationships are as stunted/jarring as the unfolding of the book. Very glad you enjoyed!

    1. Gotham Gal

      One of the best chef memoirs

  2. TanyaMonteiro

    Oh wow, no idea of the book. Love that she’s lived life on her own terms, seems to be that theme when it comes to Thriving – thanks for the heads up I’m adding to the top of the pile

    1. Gotham Gal

      she is a total thriver and survivor