Setai Spa at 40 Broad Street

Logo Yesterday was Emily's birthday.  To celebrate, the girls (Jessica and Emily) and I decided to have a day at the spa including lunch.  I was really excited about it and made the reservations way in advance.  There is nothing quite like the relaxation of a spa day.  Putting yourself first, putting down the phone and just chatting in between appointments with the girls.

I have no where else to seriously launch a complaint but for any of you thinking of booking a day at Setai Spa, don't.  A variety of conversations and they finally got the reservations right.  The services were ok not great.  The length of time was completely messed up.  The lunch which I told them we wanted light lunch of salads was booked downstairs at a fancy heavy restaurant.  If they had sent me the menu or engaged me with big customer service, I would have rethought the entire day. Poor communication on their part and possibly not enough research on mine but for the price they are charging they should have held my hand on everything.  Also, the location sucks.  That was my fault.  I so hate being down in the Wall Street area. 

Lesson learned but it really bummed me out.  Not a cheap day either.  Next time, a massage in the neighborhood and a long leisurely lunch.  I might be done with the day at the spa.