What a week

Images What a week. 

I started off the week meeting with my bff friend for lunch and having a little down time.  That was the first and only down time of the week which is leading me to write this post. 

Monday night I had dinner with the Hot Bread Kitchen staff and board.  An incredible group of people work at HBK which is always the key to success in any organization but particularly a non-profit.  It was just great getting to know the crew better.  Since most of us know each other but really don't know each other we began the dinner (at Chinatown Brasserie) with everyone telling their name, their background, what they do besides working with HBK and the craziest thing that we had ever done.  It is actually a great thing to do at a dinner.  Gives you some interesting insight into each person.  Some jumped off planes, bunjie jumped off bridges, others hitchhiked across foreign countries with random people.  A really nice evening.  My crazy thing didn't compare to anyone elses.

Tuesday was loaded with seven different meetings and an evening activity including dinner with the kids.  Had a meeting with the Highline, a young woman from Yale University who plans on changing the world, the company at Techstars that I am mentoring, Michael from Skillshare who was a pleasure to meet and hear about what he is doing, a few phone calls with a women's group coming to NYC and my friend from LA who is launching a company and of course an app.  After dinner I made my way over to see the pitches at Startl.  I particularly liked Noodle.  Then I went home and crawled into bed.

Wednesday was a little lighter.  A work out in the morning and then I packed up all the ski equipment to send out West so it is there when we arrive on vacation.  Lunch with someone who said goodbye to corporate America and is doing an amazing job at balancing her life with a variety of freelance jobs…very impressive.  Talked to a woman in Ohio about her business via phone and then met with someone who is thinking about starting a new business.  What was amazing is I have had the exact same business idea on my brain so who knows where that will go.  Out for dinner to Fedora with my brother and sister (amazing meal) after feeding the kids.  Another evening where I crawled into bed and crash hard.

Thursday is when I had the moment where I thought I might need to chill a bit.  I forgot to put a breakfast in my calendar.  That so rarely happens and when it does, it not only upsets me, it freaks me out.  I went home and made a list for myself of all the different things I am involved with.  After looking at the list I decided it was time to take a deep breath and focus on those things and not add more to my pile.  Although I do love a good pile. Continued on with the day with a variety of meets and greets and out for a friends party and theater that evening. 

Friday was mellow.  A morning meeting, lunch with Jessica who is on school vacation and one more meeting in the late afternoon.  In between the week above there was also dealing with a renovation (don't ask), a new possible purchase (don't ask) and a hope that someone is interested in a book that I have been working on.  If it happens great, if it doesn't alas.  This week made me realize that I am so looking to going away for two weeks.  TIme to relax, time to read a few books and time to chill.  One more week in NYC and then off to vacation.  Yes!

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  1. kirklove

    Once again, I’m tired just reading you.Jealous you’re going out west. Park City I assume? Never been. I used to be a snowboard instructor and miss it dearly (two seasons now without going, ugh).Can you ship me in box with the gear? Pretty please.

    1. Gotham Gal

      actually off to aspen. snowboard instructor. love that.

  2. daryn

    Continually amazed by how much you do. Hope you have a great time in Aspen.We were at Whistler last weekend: great snow but cold and wet. Now we’re in Iceland, and guess what? cold and wet. Oh well, still fun to be taking some time off before heading back to cold and wet Seattle 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      never been to iceland ( the former hedge fund ) but would love to go. sendpics!

  3. artyowza

    What was your crazy thing?And the synchronicity of your biz idea seems inspired!

    1. Gotham Gal

      i can only share so much. eventually i will share.

  4. lindsaycampbell

    YOU packed the ski equipment?? You need an assistant, stat! Enjoy your vacay. 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha. what can I say?