the next generation of jewelers or even shoe repair people

My mother was into jewelry making.  She took some classes and most of the time found herself disappointed in the outcome of her projects.  I remember her making bead necklaces when I was much younger and at one point she painted too.  She might not have been great at the execution but she had a great eye.  She loved taking her jewelry to a jeweler and making changes with it by pulling out a stone and putting it in a pin or creating something else. 

I inherited a handful of gems from her.  I took them up to our jeweler and worked with her to create a ring I could wear every day with all the gems so I could have a little piece of my Mom with me daily.  I went up there this week to see the setting before everything was set in stone.  While I was there, I went down to the "hole" of the guy who actually made the ring and had him clean some jewelry for me.

What I was interested in when I got there was about the next generation of jewelers.  When I asked the jeweler if his family was going into the business he just laughed.  NO way, they want to be in finance or something like that.  So where is the next generation of jewelers?  Interesting enough the jeweler did say there are a few younger people getting into the business.  In many ways, I wasn't surprised based on what seems to be happening with the next generation. 

I think about the same thing when I get my shoes repaired as there are only a few left in the city.  To me, they are artists.  Someone told me that at the turn of the 20th Century there were thousands of tailors in Brooklyn who made handmade suits, now there are less than a handful but it is changing.

The good news is that there appears to be a resurgence of people who are interested in being tailors, fixing shoes, making jewelry, crafting furniture, etc.  Perhaps it is the 24/7 world that we all seem to live in has spurred the beauty of returning to the simple way to life because it is gratifying in a completely different way.  It isn't simple using your hands every day to create products but it is a completely different work life.  Making a home cooked dinner, canning peaches or whatever it is.  The next DIY generation includes farmers too.  Perhaps this generation will find the beauty in the old traditions that need to be embraced before they fall into an abyss.