Tulum, Day 1

We just spent the last four days in Tulum, Mexico.  The wifi was tortuously slow and posting pictures was impossible so I am a little late on my game. 

Flying into Mexico wasn’t a breeze.  We flew from Newark and took a stop in Tampa for more than a few hours after we could all smell smoke in the cabin.  Must say that the reaction from the crew was pretty damn quick and impressive.  The reaction once we got on the ground was not responsive.  Eventually we got to Cancun around 8pm with an hour and a half drive to ahead of us. 

We were a party of 10 as we are traveling with 6 teenagers.  Although we had rented cars to drive down to Tulum and it is basically a straight shot from the airport, we opted to get a large van instead and have someone drive us down there.  All the bad news you read about Mexico these days did not give us the most incredible comfort level so a driver it was.  For $80 bucks it was a smart move.  Finding the place we were staying in the dark was not so easy.  In the end, I am really glad we had someone drive us down to Tulum after a full day of traveling. 

We got up the next morning to paradise.  I rented a house on the beach.  The house was made out of poured concrete, tree trunks and thatched roofs.  My only complaints are no air conditioning, not the greatest electrical systems as the lights are seriously dim at night and you can’t flush any paper down the toilets.  This is pretty consistent throughout Tulum.  It was super hot and very humid which saps you.  What can I say, I like to sleep in a temperature controlled environment.

Amansala chips
We got our cars the next morning, stocked up on food and began the vacation.  The biggest decisions of the day are basically when and where to eat.  We ventured down the road to Amansala Hotel.  Lots of yoga retreats take place there.  Now that I writing post-trip, trust me when I tell you that the food there was the best of the trip.  You don’t go to Tulum for the food.  We returned to Amansala for lunch on the last day. 

After going back to our house after lunch we took a walk down the beach.  I forgot to bring my camera.  We ended up at Be Tulum Hotel which is a year old 20 room boutique hotel.  Super cute and really well thought out.   This picture was the ceviche at Amansala. 

Here are the fish tacos at Amansala.  Excellent. 

Fred and I post-lunch and we are already in serious vacation mode. 

Chickenburrito dinner
For dinner that night we went to Mateos for dinner.  Grills and lots of picnic tables.  The food is terrible.  A few people had burritos which are ok but the grilled fish was inedible.  Don’t go. 

Home and to sleep. 



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  1. Kvpi

    Did you make it to Hechizo’s? (the best restaurant we tried in Tulum!) also, did you ever check out Las Ranitas? That is where we always stayed but it is now under new ownership– I’m very curious!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Hechizos are two doors down but we opted out. Decided to go a little moredown and dirty. Hechizos reminded us too much of NYC

  2. Jonathan

    How funny….We were in Tulum in December and spent as much time as possible at Amansala. The Mayan Mud facial was a huge hit with the kids and my wife. (I’ve wondered if there is a business in there someplace….) I, however, was partial to the comfy hanging bed.

    1. Gotham Gal

      those businesses are for there. Its like buying something in a storedevoted to the area and when you bring it home it looks completely out ofplace

  3. awaldstein

    Nice…We were there recently and stayed at La Zebra.You look like you stayed @ Rancho San Eric.

    1. Gotham Gal

      exactly. we had a very funny experience at la zebra…you can read about itin the next day or so.

      1. awaldstein

        I’ll check back…interested as our experience there has been mostly good although you only have wifi in the bar.