Tulum, Day 2

We got up and did yoga this morning.  Yoga is a way of life in Tulum so as they say, when in Rome….  I did yoga pretty regularly for about five years and then one day I walked away.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  It was nice to do yoga today.  Truth is I should do it more often.  I could use it for a variety of reasons.  I’d love to find an 1 hour 15 minutes class that plays good music.  I like to spin too but the music kills me.

The class was at Shala Yoga.  A very mellow place that looks as though they do a lot of yoga retreats there too.

After our yoga, we went back over to the BeTulum hotel for a killer iced cappuccino.  I am very happy. 

Brilliant architecture and vibe.  Whoever did it thought of everything down to the menu.  I am sorry I didn’t take the pictures yesterday at 5pm.  The light here around 5pm is really special.  Everything just looks perfect.  Here is the upstairs porch.

The beach.

 Btulum menu
The menu.

The pool area.  

Then back home for a serious nap.  I got into a rhythm.  After yoga, coffee, breakfast and then the killer one plus hour nap.  In the late afternoon we decided we needed an activity and drove down to Sian Kaan, an eco resort at the end of the island where there are views of both the lagoon and the ocean. 

During my nap a few people drove into town to get a bday cake for the evening and came back with these sweet flaky breads.

We had a few appetizers to tide us over.  The standard chips and quesadillas.

Ceviche too.

Reservations for dinner were at BeTulum.  We asked to see the rooms.  Nice beds.

Good indoor/outdoor shower

Your own personal miniature pool…and btw, air conditioning.

Started with a drink.  This was the best drink I had there.  Lime juice, tequilla, fresh ginger and a hint of cilantro

For dinner we split a few things to start.  Tuna tartare.  Looks good but had a very weird flavor.

Peruvian ceviche.  Ceviche is everywhere.  Here they offer a variety of different ceviches here.

Vegetable pizza, very nice. 

Octopus for a main course which looked better than it tasted.

We had dropped off a cake earlier in the day on the way back from the bakery. 

After dinner, the hotel was playing a movie on the beach.  Some of us stayed while others went home to call it a day.