Agnanti Meze, Queens

Last weekend we stopped in Queens on the way back to the city for dinner.  It was the annual Gay Pride parade in NYC last Sunday and needless to say it was quite a celebration.  We live pretty much in the epicenter of the parade.  Getting home is night seamless and even turning on to our street is a negotiation with the police.  Stopping for a late dinner in Queens was definitely the way to go.

Over the years we have gone out to Taverna Kyclades but decided to opt for something new this past weekend and went to Agnanti Meze.  Going to other areas of the city can be like visiting a new city.  The Astoria neighborhood of Queens is just as packed with homes as any urban area of NYC but each place has a different vibe and feel.  There is so much to explore in this town and it was really fun to stop there for dinner. 

The restaurant is located on Ditmars Park almost at the end of Ditmars Boulevard which overlooks the water.  Really nice.  We took the dog out for a walk after dinner.  It was cool enough to leave him in the car, thank god, because that was my biggest concern.  He was perfectly content. 

The restaurant was hopping.  The food?  Nothing to write home about but it is a local spot that is jammed and one of the few that gets written up for the area.  We had the classic.  Greek Salad.

Small carafe of white wine.  I love what they serve it in.

Grilled octopus which was like butter.

Grilled whole fish

They serve you a little dessert at the end.  A crumbly corn bread with greek yogurt and a cherry jam.

An adventure and one worth doing. 

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  1. Lacdaly

    Been here love the waterfront setting and the corn bread a match made in well Queens.

  2. davidronick

    We’re Kyclades fans too, but now we’re hooked on Agnanti – especially on a nice day, when you can sit outside and walk off dinner by strolling through the park. We make it a regular stop on our way back to NYC after weekends in CT or LI. Once the owners get to know you, they really go the extra mile with service, and the prices are very reasonable. Our 2 year old loves the spinach pie, and we’re big fans of the grilled octopus, grilled fish and greek salads. Craving now…

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love the location.