back in Paris

There is nothing like returning to a city that you know.  We have been returning to Paris annually for the past five years.  We go back to our faves, discover new things and don't feel inclined to do the touristy things.  Paris is my second favorite city in the world, NYC obviously is my first.

Emily is here for the month so we brought along Josh's friend with us.  I love these pictures from behind.  I have been taking these for years everywhere we travel.

The four of us wandered through the Tuilleries over to the Left Bank to walk down Rue de Bac, stop by Barthelemy ( the most amazing cheese store ever ) and check out a few stores.  Ending up at Grand Epicerie which is always a welcome site at Bon Marche.  You can't buy this in the states. 

Cuisine de bar one
After our long stroll we met up with Emily and her friend for lunch at Cuisine de Bar.  Definitely an old fave.  Emily had already been three times.  They make all the sandwiches in the ovens above.

You get the side salad

Cuisin chicken
Then the tartine, an open faced sandwich.  So good.  I went for the roasted chicken yesterday.

Chocolate reine astrid
We stopped into the chocolate store on the street which I still have a picture of my Mom and Emily in that store from 10 years ago.  Reine Astrid.

Grabbed the Metro and stopped by Colette.  I do love going and seeing what interesting looks they have pulled together but the staff there is far from engaging.  Too bad.  Although the merchandise is fabulous, it is less than conducive to shop there.

Home for a little nap before dinner. 


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  1. suesol

    love the back pic… lots of large shoulders!

    1. Gotham Gal