Happy Thanksgiving

ImagesThanksgiving has always been one of my all time favorite holidays of the year.  It kicks off the holiday season which now turns out to be the entire month of December.  There is something very cool about knowing that every American is sitting down to a dinner (I know that not everyone eats turkey) to celebrate the day. 

For us, it is the one constant in my family every year where we all get together.  The menu pretty much stays the same except for a possible new twist in the vegetables.  We only eat stuffing like this once a year. 

This year we are in Los Angeles where my brother lives with his wife and kids.  Going full circle considering all my siblings were born in Los Angeles we have continued to have ties to this part of the country throughout our lives.  It is really nice that one of us lives out here.  I can see my brother owning this holiday as we will make the annual pilgramage to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving again next year. 

Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect.  What am I thankful for this year?  The list is endless.  Most of all I am thankful for my family and each individual relationship I have with them and that extends into my friends and each person I have the opportunity to work with every day as well as the community that continues to come back to this blog everyday.  My happiness and optimism reflects my thanks. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone….and no matter what you choose to eat today, enjoy the day.