wednesday before thanksgiving

My brother dropped off my niece at our hotel around 730 while he went to work out.  We walked up the street to Cora's Coffee Shoppe and Josh joined us too.  There is a counter inside and two tables.  The rest of the seating is outside underneath an awning with heat lamps.  Everything is fresh and sourced from the farmers market.  The coffee and fresh squeezed juices are really good. 

Josh had the scrambled eggs with chorizo, onions and peppers with tortillas on the side.  I was boring with just two poached eggs and toast so I didn't bother with that pic. 

My niece had a prosciutto egg panini with tomatoes. 

Fred had the huervos rancheros with white beans.

Before heading over to to meet my brother we walked down to the beach.  I love this picture of Josh and Ruby.  We have taken them over the years and Josh is always bigger but now he towers over her. 

The farmers markets in Los Angeles are amazing.  I met my brother at the farmers market on the promenade in Santa Monica at 9 to figure out what looked good for the vegetable side of dinner.  Josh and my niece were in tow after breakfast.  There is one center booth and then four streets off of that filled with vendors. 

These lemons were amazing looking which we added to the brine and topped off the brussels sprouts with some grated rind.

We picked up carrots to roast and top with some pistachio nuts, balsamic vinegar and honey.

Yams of 3 different varieties.  Purple, orange and white.  We sliced them and roasted them and topped them with a little maple syrup and pomegranate seeds.

These are just wild.  Small limes with these tiny pieces inside that easily come apart and then you can pop them in your mouth or put over oysters.  Didn't pick any up but interesting.

Brussel sprouts.  Roasted in the oven and finished off in the pan with pancetta and leeks.

Beautiful squash. 

Loved this guy.  Totally mellow man who makes beautiful moisturizers.  Josh and I picked up a few of those.

Got to get the appetizers.  A mixture of olives all brined with just sea salt.  One of the olives was stuffed with a piece of lemon rind.

Dried oranges, lemons and tangerines

Here are our pistachios.

Flowers were the last grab before we left.

The girls all went over to the Annenberg Space for Photography located right next to the CAA building.  What an exhibit! 

The exhibit is called Beauty and Culture.  It begins with a 20 minutes movie interviewing a variety of women in fashion, photography and acting.  The film encourages the viewers to discuss the viewpoints and stereotypes on beauty and sexuality.  Our culture is highlighted in the media with models who are manipulated with photoshop and don't even represent reality but are reveered as beauty.  Really fantastic exhibit. 

We drove over to Barneys for lunch where I had the Chinese Chicken Salad.  The classic Los Angeles salad which is everywhere. They know how to make a salad in Los Angeles.

Drove back to my brothers and sister-in-laws house to prep for the day ahead of us before making our way out for an early meal. 



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  1. Rohan

    lovely pic of josh + neice!

  2. William Mougayar

    I know you’re a sucker for Farmers Markets and I’m with you totally. Nothing beats seeing what’s fresh and locally harvested.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Total sucker

  3. tyronerubin

    @gothamgal:disqus what camera do you use for your pics? and is it one specific camera you have used for all your pics? thanks

    1. Gotham Gal

      canon s95

      1. tyronerubin

        Yip, they just way to great to be from a phone, although looking forward to checking out the camera quality on the iPhone 4S

  4. awaldstein

    Barney’s Greengrass in BH is one of my fav breakfast places in that part of LA. Toasted Bialy with salmon omelet and a glass of champagne was my standard fare.Used to work out across the street at the  Sports Club LA when I lived there years ago working on getting RealD, the 3d cinema company launched.

  5. CCjudy

    I love all the photos and esp the Pistachios J

  6. Lisa

    the fantastical fantasy like “lemons” are called budda’s hand … they give off a  lovely aromatic scent and seem to delight all who see them.  We often use them at this time of year as a centerpiece for our tables.