Dulce Patria

Last night we had dinner at Dulce Patria.  The restaurant is located right around the corner from the hotel we are staying at even though it is part of the hotel.  Kind of nice how they do that.   I apologize for the photos in advance.  The lighting in there was strange.  The decor was basically white and red and for some reason the lighting had this red hue.  The place was packed and the food coming out of the kitchen was beautiful.

We began with a classic margarita.  They had a bunch of different variations but we went with the classic.  Beautiful presentation too.  Edible flower.

We split everything.  This was corn kites with a tuna ceviche.  The tuna was mixed with spicy peppers and lime juice served over tiny tortilla chips.  Really nice.

The salmon had the same concept but was mixed with a spicy mayo.  Light and good.

Grilled red and green tomatoes topped with the Oaxaca cheese ( which is like a mozzarella ) melted and a very sweet balsamic glaze dripped over the top.   Parmesan cracker for dipping.   I liked this.  Not what I expected when the menu said grilled green and red tomato salad. 

It was time for another drink.  This is called sangrita.  They serve tequila straight with shooters on the side.  Spicy tomato, borscht and something like a verde salsa.  Truth is I like my tequila straight but I appreciate the concept.

For our main course we split the red snapper.  Simple poached with a spicy red tomato sauce with Mexican spices. I like how they took off the skin and then flash fried it and used it as part of the look.

We passed on dessert but they served us this tiny house with little treats on each shelf.  Nothing rocked my boat but loved the concept.

Worth going to.  The food is tasty yet simple and a real nod to creativity.  Again, so sorry about the lousy pics. 

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  1. Laura Yecies

    I haven’t been to Mexico city in years but I loved Hacienda de los Morales.  Definitely at least have a cocktail in the courtyard.  The specialty (I can’t remember the name in spanish) is made from tree bark fungus – it’s actually good.

    1. Gotham Gal

      will figure that one out