Companies I invest in

TactileFinance logo

Tactile Finance builds solutions to help customers navigate complex financial products.

Justworks logo

Justworks: payroll, compliance, and benefits, together at last.

Clue logo

Clue is a period and ovulation tracker app for iPhone.

20x200 logo

20×200: affordable art prints.

Mecaris logo

Mecaris is a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-GMO, and certified agricultural commodities.

Platejoy logo

Platejoy: healthy eating for busy people.

Architizer logo

Architizer: explore, collect, and source architecture & interiors.

Madison Plus Select logo logo

Admittedly: Don’t waste time applying to the wrong universities.Find your best match, then improve your chances.

Gertrude logo

Gertrude offers Salons, intimate occasions to learn, discuss and collect contemporary art.

One Fine Stay logo

One Fine Stay: So there’s this new thing: the unhotel. And we’re it.

Giftlab logo

GIFTLAB is the world’s premier destination for luxury online gifting.

Captureproof logo

Captureproof: Securely share photos & video, doctor–to–doctor and patient–to–doctor.

Maker's Row logo

Maker’s Row: Factory sourcing made easy.

Le Tote logo

Vengo logo

Vengolabs is the high-tech vending machine everywhere you need it.

Catchafire logo

Catchafire matches professionals who want to give their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help.

Willa logo

Willa natural skin care for girls.

Edison Jr. logo

Edison Junior invents new ideas in large markets.

Blue Bottle Coffee logo

Scoot logo

Scoot: Speedy, fun, electric scooters you can ride anywhere in the city.

Windowfarms logo

Windowfarms: A vertical, hydroponic garden for growing food in your windows.

Venuebook logo

Venuebook: Discover and book your ideal venue.

Cacao Prieto logo

Cacao Prieto makes delicious chocolate and bonbons and distills rums and liqueurs from 100% Dominican cocoa beans in Brooklyn, NY.

DailyWorth logo

DailyWorth is a community of women who talk money. We deliver practical tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants… daily to your inbox.

Editd logo

EDITD connects fashion, luxury and apparel people with data they need so they can make better decisions.

Little Borrowed Dress logo

Little Borrowed Dress offers stylish bridesmaid dresses for rent at a fraction of the retail price.

theSweeten logo

theSweeten matches your project with the right Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors, selected from our invite-only network.

NG Advantage logo

NG Advantage delivers CNG to energy intensive enterprises not connected to a gas pipeline.

Engagio logo

Engagio tracks your online conversations and lets you develop meaningful relationships from them.

Food52 logo

Food52: The place where kitchens meet.

New York Mouth logo

New York Mouth is an online retailer that sells small independent packaged food makers’ products.

Rick's Picks logo

Rick’s Picks makes fourteen varieties of hand-packed all natural pickles, made in season with produce from local farmers.

How Good logo

How Good rates the “Goodness” of food.

Kitchen Surfing logo

Kitchensurfing is building a community marketplace for chefs and kitchens. Give everyone access to delicious food at home.

Edition01 logo

Join Edition01 to get exclusive access to limited edition collections from the world’s best luxury fashion designers.

Little Bits logo

LittleBits is an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play. logo helps you discover and save wedding ideas in one, easy place. logo

Nestio offers landlords, brokers, and renters the ability to manage and communicate information in real-time, all in one place.

RedStamp logo

Red Stamp lets you email, text, tweet, facebook, and paper mail personalized photo cards, notes, invitations + announcements right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Talk Market logo

The Talk Market is revolutionizing online shopping with video.

Have to Have logo

Have to Have‘s interactive ad units engage online shoppers, capture shopper demand and drive sales across desktop, mobile web, and tablet.