Still recovering from the Armory Show

I had been on an art hiatus until I went to Mexico City this past January…and now I have totally engaged again.  The Armory Show was last week and I spent five hours there.  By the time I left I could barely see straight.  It took me a few days to clear my head.   I really enjoyed the show this year and ended up buying a few things.  Here is what I saw.

I do love neon art.  This is by Tim Noble and Sue Webster being shown at BlainSouthern.

I absolutely loved this piece.  A floating dress wrapped up in threads and metal.  A very cool sculpture.  Chicaru Shiota at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris. 

These eyeballs just caught my eye (no pun intended).  Would be fun to have them sitting in a main entrance of a house.  Artist is Tony Oursler.

Donald sultan
We bought a Donald Sultan piece back in 1999.  Really love what he is doing now.  This piece is enamel, tar and spackle on wood and then hanging on another piece of wood.  Very cool.  Galerie Forsblum

Really liked these.  The artist is Matts Leiderstam who is an art historian.  He takes photos of his books and then highlights small pieces inside the photo with a magnifying glass.  Stockholm Gallery, Andrehn – Schiptjenko.  I bought this one and the one below. 

Felt like two told a better story.

Am a fan of Angel Orteros work.  This piece was huge but I'd really like to find something I like in a smaller version.  Gallery Kavi Gupta in Berlin and Chicago.

City thru eyeglasses
This is multiple photos put together.  Very clever.  I liked this gallery and alot of the work they had.  This artist is Sangbin IM at the Mary Ryan Gallery.

Loved this from Mary Ryan Gallery too.  Little pieces of photos cut up into the original photo.  Super cool.  Bradley Castellanos. 

And a piece of sculpture on the wall by Katy Stone. 

Jeremy line gideonstone
I saw these online and put them on hold prior to the show by Gideon Rubin.  They are small and timely and they made me laugh.  Rokeby Gallery in London.  All his work is faceless and most of it is reminiscent of a different era of painting.

Polly Apfelbaum from Durham Press Gallery.  This gallery takes really great artists and does prints with them.  These are fun and happy. 

Two artists from Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.  Niko Luoma.  Seeing a lot of enamel pieces.

Jorma Puranen with cameo like photographs finished off with enamel.

Loved the bear.  What is funny is that I saw this artist about a month ago with completely different work that I loved too.  Guess I enjoy his sensibility.  Peter Liversidge is the artist.

I always find that when I like a particular gallery that I tend to like many of the artists that they represent.  I have now bought three pieces from Yossi Millo Gallery.  This is the third.  Matthew Brandt is the artist.  These are singular photos that he has taken the lake water on the photo and then painted it on top.  My photo does not do is justice.

These are very cool.  Small circular paintings that capture different areas of Versailles.  My friend brought a few of them. Artist is Phillip Cognee.  Same gallery as the Japanese dress sculpture above.

All and all quite a day.  Really excited to get the pieces I bought home and hung. 




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  1. kirklove

    Took The Bean on Sunday. Enjoyed it, but found it overwhelming. Some nice stuff here and there, but nothing quite blew me away. I’ve got a blog post (and photos) in me I think if I can muster the time/energy to compile it. Ha.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is totally overwhelming. you miss stuff too. when you walk down an aisle the opposite way you realize that everything from that angle looks different too.nice that you went!

  2. pixiedust8

    I like your taste. I love the book photographs and that dress is eerie in a good way.

    1. Gotham Gal

      In person that.dress is really amazing you just keep staring at it

  3. rebeccastees

    Thanks!  Just spent some time on the Yossi Milo website.  Yes! The Tony Oursler eyeballs would make a great entrance. I’ve always love Sultan.  There is something very funny about black lemons.

    1. Gotham Gal

      really love yossi milo’s collection of artists.

  4. Sladana Veljkovic

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful art!! I love it!!