Super Linda- twice in one weekend

Super Linda is the new hot Latin American restaurant in Tribeca.  I was hearing rumblings about the place from friends and then we were invited to a bday party there this past Friday night.  Saturday night we headed back down there where a bunch of people to get together to celebrate an engagement and say hi.  This is the picture of the downstairs bar.  

The first night we started in the backroom with drinks and made our way to one of the private rooms for dinner.  This is the room we ate in above. Intimate rooms that are connected with the restaurant but off on their own at the same time.  The people in the coat room are on another planet so even finding someone to check you in wasn't simple.  There is definitely that hipster vibe where it isn't about service but you should just be glad to be here.  Not surprising as the man behind this place, Matt Abramcyk is a former night club owner. 

We started with a few open faced tacos.  Creamed corn and ceviche.  This is the corn. 

Nice beet salad.  All the salads had the same type of look.  Slowly piled up with greens on top.  Beets, candied pecans, crumbled cheese, bacon mayonnaise and greens.

Hearts of palm, sliced grapefruit, avacados and hazelnuts.  Nice mixture.

This was like a chopped taco salad. 

Braised kale…the new favorite vegetable around town.

Excellent brussel sprouts.  Can't remember exactly what was in this dish but I do remember it was really good.

Flat Iron steak sliced with arugula over the top.

Whole grilled prawns with herbs.  Perfect.

Roasted chicken with greens on top.

Green beans, slices of sweet potato or pumpkin and spicy peppers.  Different combo.

Dessert was well done.  Chopped mango with other fruits and veggies sitting in a sugary broth and a dollop of vanilla gelato over the top.

This was like a pumpkin pie.  Quite good.

Churros with melted chocolate.  Classic dish.

Some of the food was really good and other dishes were just okay but everything was well prepared and we did have pretty good service.  Reminded me a little bit of La Esquina in their heyday. 

Saturday night was all about the drinks.  Packed bar in the basement, much more mellow upstairs so keep that in mind.  Music blasting and forget about someone helping you out in the coat check room on the way out the door.  Had a great time both nights.  Fun place for a party with abundant alcohol. 



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  1. Maxine

    I really liked your review of this resto because it was so straightforward. And because you offered such good pictures (of dishes I would probably order), I’m going to make it a point to go. 

  2. kirklove

    Perfect name for a hip latin place. Happens to be my nickname for Lili, too (well, super linda preciosa)