Copenhagen, Day 3

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel.  After breakfast we moved hotels.  I didn't book enough rooms and Jessica is coming tomorrow so we definitely need another room.  We packed it up and moved over to the First Hotel Skf Petri.  Kind of nice to be in a different area.

Joeand the juice
After dropping off our bags we stopped into Joe & the Juice.  There are a bunch of them around the city.  Pick 3 fruits and they will make your own concoction.  Grapefruit, orange and pineapple.  They also have a list of juices to choose from.  This chain just moved into London as well. 

Believe it or not our next stop was the Zoo.  We took the subway out there.  Right by the subway stop is a Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen discount house.  Didn't get anything but worth noting.  We walked through a beautiful park to get to the zoo.

Elephant area
Why the zoo?  Foster + Partners, and architecture firm, created this very cool elephant house which is sunk into the earth for insulation with a curved lattice glass roof.  Really well done so we went to check it out. 

I admit that I loved zoos when the kids were young.  After going on a safari I have mixed feelings on zoos but I do love going to see the animals.  See the baboons.

The penguins.

And of course the lions.  We were most definitely the only people at the zoo with the oldest children.  Also we were one of the few people who were not blond and blue haired. 

We jumped back on the subway and went to Torvehallernekbh, a food hall.  Filled with some of the latest and greatest food haunts in Copenhagen.  Two long buildings filled with shops with a bunch of picnic tables in the middle. 

Josh and picked up a bunch of stuff from Pate Pate, their main restaurant is in the Meat District.  We had a steak, egg, bacon and pickled red onion sandwich.  Pretty damn good.  Spicy chili dog with mustard and ketchup in the side and a plate of cured meats.  A nice lunch.

We stopped by the hotel and moved our luggage into our rooms and then ventured back out.  Stopping by the Carthart store down the street.  Love this sign in the store.

Then Em and I went out to a store that is a little off the beaten path called YouHeShe.  Great space and a bunch of located designers. 

Back to the hotel for a little r and r before dins. 

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  1. JLM

    .I feel like I was there. Great pics. Well done. Thanks..

  2. Mark Essel

    Fell in love with the park path, for me there’s nothing quite like a good walk to clear the mind and nourish the soul.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Me too, Mark. Could frame that photo. And I’m a walker too and live in the perfect area for this. One of my favorite things to do and yet I don’t do it enough.