Fiskebaren, Copenhagen

Before we went out for dinner we met at the bar in our hotel for drinks.  We were staying at the Nimb Hotel that evening.  The room is big and funky.  The furniture is cool, the design is great but there is something about having no rugs and a huge fire place at the end of the room that makes it feel very minimalist even though it isn't. 

After drinks we headed out for dinner to the Fiskebaren, aka the Fishbar.  Located in the Meat District of Copenhagen which is basically an area that has not only meat but fish distributors..and a few galleries too.  The restaurant is located right in the midst of it all aka a parking lot area among the warehouses.  Super simple restaurant with a big bar in the middle.

I kind of felt like we were dining in a beach town.  Outside, in the parking lot, there was picnic tables.  There are also beach chairs around a fire.  Quite mellow.  We had to kick off our meal with oyster.  Most of them were from Bretagne but the largest one was from the shores of Denmark. 

The boys had the cod.  Poached with vegetables and a light sauce.

Em and I had the mussels.  Well done.

Strolled back to the hotel and called it a day.