LeleNhaHang, Copenhagen

A few observations on Copenhagen.  It is an absolutely beautiful town.  They have a saying here called "huegli" which describes a vibe.  Many of the cafes like the photo of the one above have this very mellow mixture of furniture, food and warmth.  It gets cold there so these cafes and bars have this comfortable feel, aka huegli. 

Leu leu
For our last dinner we went to LeleNhaHang for Vietnamese food.  A change of pace.  I have not been blown away by the food in Copenhagen.  It is a mixture of flavors that just don't do it for me.  Feeling a little unsatisfied so we thought if we went for something that was totally different it might be a good call. 

Seabass tartare
We shared everything.  Sea Bass tartare mixed with lime and chilis wrapped up in a cucumber.  Really tasty and light.

Spring rolls
Fresh spring rolls

Octopus salad

Crab soup with udon noodles.

Grilled prawns with a tamarind sauce. 

Black and red sticky rice with chicken, sausage and fried shallots.  This was really good. 

Caramelized pork with chili and fish sauce.

Vegetable curry.

A nice ending for our trip to Copenhagen. 


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    1. Gotham Gal

      so funny. our exact same meal!

      1. CCjudy

        It was done by Adam Goldberg @lifewortheating