Saturday in Paris

We started out the day having breakfast at Telescope.  Simple coffee shop that makes the best drip coffee. It is watery but packs this powerful punch.  A comb of the tea sensation with the flavor of coffee.

Simple breakfast.  Toasted sour dough bread with butter and jam. 

Afterward we walked over to E. Dehillerin which is hands down the most amazing kitchen supply store.  Every accessory you can think of including an array of copper pots and industrial sized pots that I can fit inside of.  I have come here so many times but for some reason never pulled the trigger.  Today I did it.  I bought 3 copper pots and a few other goodies.  I am beyond excited.  Takes about two weeks to get to the states.  I kept thinking about my friend John who is an incredibly chef while I was there.  Together we could have done serious damage.  I only did minor damage being solo.

There is a Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs exhibit at the Musees des Artes Decoratifs which is one of many sections located in the Louvre.  An interesting history of LV and how MJ put some juice back into the brand.  The most amazing tidbit, to me, was that the LV put his LV logo on everything starting in 1896.  Pretty much a man way before his time.

Some clothes from LV

Some clothes from MJ.

Afterwards Fred and I walked through to the back of the museum and sat in the park that looks over the Louvre while we waited for Josh to get up and meet us.

We walked over to the Palais Royal and met Josh at one of the small restaurants that sit around the Palais Royal for lunch/breakfast. 

They have been doing construction over there for years and I am looking forward to seeing it done.  I had a salad with artichokes, feta and a poached egg.

Josh went for the Foursquare tip…the chocolate cake.  Nice call.  Rich, creamy and just amazing.

We decided to jump on the Metro and go over to the 16th.  It is an area that we really have not explored.  I love this picture of Josh and Fred walking through the park.

The museum is the Marmottan Monet.  All the work is displayed in an old home.  No photos.  What is amazing is that this small museum houses the largest collections of Monets in the world.  Definitely worth seeing.  A son who took his fathers art collection that he inherited and built on it eventually leaving it to the Academie de Beaux-Artes.  Pieces none of us have ever seen.  A gem.

Had a diet coke at one of the cafes and then poked around the neighborhood.  Passy is a covered marketplace in the neighborhood.  Every booth had beautiful food from the meat to the fish to the breads and cheese.  Always have to check out the food options.

Jumped on the Metro and went back to the hotel to rest up before dins.

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  1. Kirsten Lambertsen

    What kind of sneakers are those on Fred? They’re not Simples, are they? I’ve been desperately looking for a new brand since Simple went out of biz, and what Fred’s wearing looks like a good candidate!

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    So much for me walking in Fred’s shoes… 😉

  3. ellen

    love the pots and pans. amazing.Great decorative pieces” only” in my kitchen.