9 years of blogging today

ImagesToday is my birthday.  I celebrated my birthday 9 years ago by beginning to blog.  I was trying to figure out my next road.  I think road is a better term than career.  The road is long and for me I have had many exits and entrances.  I am sure there will be more to come because that is what has worked for me.  It keeps me young (perhaps), engaged, excited, challenged and interested. 

I had no idea what blogging would do for me when I started.  The community that has been created on this blog, the countless entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure to meet, the amazing entrepreneurs that I have had the honor to invest in has been incredibly rewarding.  Through this platform I have evolved as many of the companies I work with have.  For instance, I would not have even thought that I would be in the third year of putting on a Womens Entrepreneur festival at NYU with ITP when I began this journey.  There is no doubt that everything that I have done this past 9 years on my "career" road has been connected to this blog.

Even the ability to write, share and communicate my experience, my thoughts, my recipes, my day to day adventures is something that has shaped me this past 9 years.  Thanks to everyone who has checked in to be part of the conversation of my life. 

Looking forward to hitting the decade mark.