9 years of blogging today

ImagesToday is my birthday.  I celebrated my birthday 9 years ago by beginning to blog.  I was trying to figure out my next road.  I think road is a better term than career.  The road is long and for me I have had many exits and entrances.  I am sure there will be more to come because that is what has worked for me.  It keeps me young (perhaps), engaged, excited, challenged and interested. 

I had no idea what blogging would do for me when I started.  The community that has been created on this blog, the countless entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure to meet, the amazing entrepreneurs that I have had the honor to invest in has been incredibly rewarding.  Through this platform I have evolved as many of the companies I work with have.  For instance, I would not have even thought that I would be in the third year of putting on a Womens Entrepreneur festival at NYU with ITP when I began this journey.  There is no doubt that everything that I have done this past 9 years on my "career" road has been connected to this blog.

Even the ability to write, share and communicate my experience, my thoughts, my recipes, my day to day adventures is something that has shaped me this past 9 years.  Thanks to everyone who has checked in to be part of the conversation of my life. 

Looking forward to hitting the decade mark. 

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  1. Tom Labus

    Congrats on your longevity!!

  2. John Best

    Congrats on the blogging milestone and many happy returns.

  3. Tracey Jackson

    Happy Birthday! You were ahead of the pack, leading the way. Thank you!

  4. Guest

    Happy Birthday Joanne! Have a fantastic day. πŸ™‚

  5. SallyBroom

    Happy birthday to you and the blog! Hope you have a party planned for the 10 year milestone – something combining food, women in business and entrepreneurship perhaps…

    1. Gotham Gal

      great idea…

    2. rachel


  6. Shripriya

    Love this blog! Congratulations on the milestone and happy birthday!

  7. Ryan Drew

    Happy birthday Joanne! Reading and interacting with the blog have been such a pleasure. Any dinner/celebration plans?

  8. Cam MacRae

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Wendy Read

    Happy Birthday to you and your wonderful Blog πŸ™‚ I love all of its connections and perspectives πŸ™‚

  10. leeschneider

    Very cool, and congrats! Have you thought of putting a “random post” button somewhere on the blog so that readers can click and get a random post from the past 9 years. Saw it on another blog and ended up spending a good bit of time reading through past posts.

  11. CCjudy

    Im wishing a glorious birthday to a wonderful Libra lady

  12. John Revay

    Hey Joanne (AKA The GothamGal)Happy B Day!

  13. Frank Lynch

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on your blog-iversaryI read you’re your restaurant & food reviews with envy and salivate over yourfood photography and try some of your recipes. Thank You.

  14. Lock


  15. Janet Hanson

    Hope you’re having a PERFECT day! (and hope Umber is making you a birthday cheesecake!) πŸ™‚

  16. daryn

    Happy birthday! I’m so happy to have gotten to know you here over the years.

  17. Marjan Ghara

    Happy birthday to a virtual friend and mentor. Thank you for so honestly sharing your experiences and thoughts. It has been a pleasure to know you virtually! Looking forward to following your road.

  18. aarondelcohen

    What’s truly amazing is how frequently you post. That discipline is so crucial to building community. Happy Birthday.

  19. falicon

    Happy birthday and blogging anniversary!It has been a fun and interesting journey as a reader as well (though I’ve only jumped in over the past few months, I did go back and read most from the start over the summer — great and interesting way to experience the evolution of your thinking btw).I think the voice, ideas, and actions you share around Women Entrepreneurs is probably the most meaningful stuff to the world that has come out of the experience for sure, but the food, family, and pictures are so very touching and interesting on a personal level as well…so over the years, you’ve found a great mix of relevance and entertainment and I look forward to remaining a reader and a fan for the years to come!

  20. Wavelengths

    Happy B-day!Since I enjoy both your musings and the yummy virtual food you share, I’m going to beg for a (virtual) piece of your birthday cake. Something we can all share here tomorrow?I hope you run out of numbers when you count your blessings today.

  21. Suzan B

    Happy blog birthday Joanne! Your output is inspiring! I started blogging in 2005 but took a few years off before coming back. I write for other blogs all the time but am now working on writing consistently for my own. Oh the shoemaker shoes.

  22. skysurfer172

    One of my favorites. . .a great intersection of technology, business and food (oh…the food. . . so dreamy). Happy Birthday to you!!

  23. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Happy Birthday! And thank you for blogging πŸ™‚

  24. Ruth BT

    Happy Birthday Joanne, always love reading what you have to say about women and tech and being a wife and mother and most of all I enjoy the food! Cheers!

  25. bijan

    Happy birthday!!

  26. denmeade

    happy birthday! thank you for introducing us to so many interesting people, books and restaurants (even though it is a very long way from Sydney for dinner..)

  27. AG

    Happy Birthday! I love that I can check this blog everyday and usually learn about something interesting and new.

  28. Lally

    Happy birthday, Joanne!

  29. rachel

    happy happy blogiversary and birthday. thank you!

  30. Shelly Lipton

    You are an inspiration Joanne. From your tech talk, your foodie life, your travel adventures and love of art, I look forward to your perspective and world view. And I love the way you give back to people and charitable causes. Thanks for what you do and cheers to a happy birthday and peaceful new year!

  31. Erin Newkirk

    Happy happy! xo

  32. William Mougayar

    “everything that I have done this past 9 years on my “career” road has been connected to this blog.” That’s a very meaningful statement about the power of blogging.Thanks for stimulating thoughts for us in your blogging community and many happy returns on your 2 birthdays πŸ™‚

  33. charlessmith

    Happy Birthday one day late!

  34. pamela castillo

    CONGRATS! Love how your blog is the perfect mix of food, entrepreneurship, art and storytelling. All my favorite things!

  35. ShanaC

    Happy Belated Birthday πŸ™‚