Japanese style Duck

What I love about this recipe is that the marinade lasts in the fridge for a few weeks so I can make this meal at least three times.  I knew it was a hit when Josh asked for the same meal the week after I made it the first time.  You could use the marinade on chicken, steak, pork, fish or anything else. 

3 cups sake, 1 cup soy sauce, 3/4 cup mirin and 1/2 cup sugar.  Mix this together and bring to boil in a small pot and then bring down to simmer for about an hour until it get almost syrupy. 

Take the duck breasts and cut small slits at an angle through the skin of the duck all the way down through the skin only.  I would say that I cut about 6 slits.  Use a deep non-stick frying pan for this.  Heat the frying pan and coat with vegetable oil.  Put in the duck breasts skin side down for about 4 minutes.  I put a lid on this leaving it just open enough to get some air in there otherwise huge mess.  I also took it down to a medium-high heat.  Once the skin is crispy (about 4/5 minutes) add about 1/3 of the syrup you made and put the rest of the fridge for later use.   Continue cooking for about another 4/5 minutes with the lid just barely open until the duck is done.  You can also flip the duck if you want if the skin is getting too crispy.  130 degrees is the right temperature for medium-rare. 

Once the duck is done sprinkle with scallions and serve.  Two duck breasts was perfect for the three of us.  I just sliced it up and served.

For a side dish, I did not take a picture..sorry. I took a whole eggplant sliced into cubes, thinly sliced carrots, cubed pieces of red peppers and mixed it together.  In a large deep frying pan coat the bottom with vegetable oil.  When the oil is hot add the eggplant, carrots and red peppers.  When the eggplant begins to soften add 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup oyster sauce and 1/4 cup mirin and some kosher salt.  Saute until the eggplant is really soft and serve.  I am estimating what I did for the sauce.  You can't go wrong if you have a little more of one or the other. 


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  1. Ryan Drew

    …and there is my weekend dinner. The duck looks fantastic, where is the picture of the perfectly cooked medium rare center?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Next time

  2. Meg

    sounds yummy.no need to drain off the fat before you add the marinade?

    1. Gotham Gal

      You could but i didnt

  3. Wavelengths

    I believe a good home chef has a refrigerator (and cupboard) with lots of things that might not make a lot of sense until you’re putting the recipe together.That marinade might do wonders to something you haven’t considered. I always have some sweet onion — good for salad or cooking. Celery keeps awhile. Did you know that — totally in a pinch — flat rootbeer soda, red wine, ketchup, and a few other things would make a barbeque sauce when the stores are closed because it’s Thanksgiving? And the turkey is about to come out of the smoker?When you say the marinade lasts several weeks, I hope that reminds people that some things in the refrig are starter material for the next gourmet adventure.

  4. JaredHoughton

    If I could have only found this prior to last nights meal… Looking forward to trying his out next week, thanks