I just got back from a long weekend in Utah skiing.  I plan on going back out there for almost 3 weeks in March.  That has to do with the kids and their different vacations. 

I learned to ski when I was in seventh grade.  The school would take us on these Friday night trips to Roundtop where the snow was ice and we skied under lights.  It was honestly miserable but at that age I thought it was awesome.  I continued to go on those kind of trips through high school.  Some of the trips were long weekends and I sometimes went with friends families for long vacations.  I still wear the ski sweater I bought when I was 14 when I ski.  They just don't make them like that anymore.

Fred is a skier and so when we got together skiing was just part of our journey.  We would take at least a one week a year and go skiing.  We raised our kids to love being on the mountain be it skiing or boarding.  As a family, it is really one of the nicest ways to spend a vacation.  Everyone is active and everyone is exhausted by early evening.  It is just fun.

This weekend we had a crew of people out, our friends and Josh's friends.  It was amazing.  I have also come to realize that in another life I might have run quite a bed and breakfast.  Cooking three meals a day and a few desserts here and there makes me absolutely happy. I am probably the most relaxed.

Back to NYC this week but I am still feel that feeling of just having my batteries recharged and it feels really nice. 

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  1. awaldstein

    I saw the video clip that Fred put of you on Tumblr heading down the bumps. Nice form!I started at 40 and a (few) years later a few days a year have got to the point where I can ski most anything with some grace (aka, Highland Bowl) and yes…one of my greatest pleasures. More fun with every turn of awareness and skill.Skiing with my son, a boarder, for the day is one of life’s greatest pleasures.BTW–demoed Blizzard Bonified’s at Copper a few weeks back. So rocked!

    1. Gotham Gal

      impressive starting at 40. i board most of the time but the gang we were with all skiied so I jumped in. it is the best.

      1. awaldstein

        You do it when you do. I just love it.

  2. falicon

    My kids are 6 and 9 and we’ve been *slowly* working them up to more and more mountain time (the weather around here the past couple of winters hasn’t been great for taking them to the smaller local mountains to ‘get their feet wet’, but it’s better than nothing).The 9 year old is prob. ready, but the 6 year old is still worn out a little too quickly on the slopes…another year or two and we’ll finally be ready to get back to the week-long ski vacations my wife and I use to take pre-kids (park city was the last ski trip we took before having kids actually — so much fun)…we are really looking forward to it.

    1. Gotham Gal

      When the kids can shlep their own gear and get dressed in their own ski stuff is when it gets really fun

      1. falicon

        Thanks, that is our thinking too. 😉

  3. Lisa Abeyta

    We’ve yet to ski Utah. We end up in Colorado or ski here at home. When we were newlyweds, my husband took me to Taos for my first time skiing. I think their bunny hill is steeper than most intermediate routes! But I fell in love with skiing. We took our kids a lot until they got into competitive rock climbing. Your post gives me the bug to go again.

  4. Andy Ellis

    I joined my dad at Alta a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Living on opposite coasts we don’t get to do tons of things together; having skiing to unite us is something I’m incredibly grateful for and hope it continues to be meaningful and fun for your family. It really is hard to beat hanging out on a mountain.skiing to unite is

  5. William Mougayar

    I love skiing too, and have been since age 11. It’s a great feeling to be skiing for a few days and back at the cabin for good old food, friends and family.

  6. irisheyes

    Great memories! I used to take those same trips up to Roundtop on Friday nights during high school and ski on the ice in the dark. When I took my first trip out West a few years ago, I really couldn’t figure out how to handle all that powder and sunshine. I think East Coast skiing builds character.

  7. daryn

    We used to go to Roundtop too! Fife n’ Drum was the beginner slope if I remember right 🙂 I wonder what my wife (who grew up out here) would think if I introduced her to mid-Atlantic skiing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      She would probably stay in the lodge

      1. daryn

        Haha, I think you’re right!

  8. Laura Yecies

    I skied for years and after tearing a ligament in my knee took up snowshoeing. I have to say I absolutely love it – not a surprise I guess since I love to hike. Some of my favorite family times have been the post-ski evening in the cabin. Hanging out, playing board games – tired and relaxed – I love that. The fact that our ski place doesn’t have internet helps.

  9. JLM

    .It is one of the great family binders. We spent the two weeks around Christmas at our place in Steamboat.It’s fun having grown up kids.Got a very good look at “serious” boyfriend. Very nice person.Snowed 6′ + in two weeks.Love taking long walks at dusk with my Sorrels and my new Yaktrax. Never, ever all down.The bonding is beautiful.JLM.

  10. Laura

    OMG – I want my sweater from 1975!! It was the perfect ski sweater – why did I ever let it go? Who was to know, that they wouldn’t make them like that ever again? Mine was cream colored with 3 colored stripes at the top. So well made. So warm.

  11. AMT Editorial Staff

    We were just in Park City. The snow was a little crunchy, but we love it and Deer Valley! You? We ate at the Stein Ericson Lodge….and Deer Valley’s Empire Lodge has the best lunch options!!

  12. Wavelengths

    Get out! I learned to ski at Roundtop and Charnita (just down the road from Camp David — which is not noted for its skiing!).When I moved west, I found people complaining about icy conditions when I was skiing what I had seen advertised as powder.The most important lesson I learned in skiing, or in life, was “use the fall line.” I finally got it on a powder day in Crested Butte when the snow was piling up at a foot an hour. You couldn’t hurt yourself by falling, and the snow made Olympic-style turns easy for even an aspiring expert like me. In the icy conditions of the East Coast, I was terrified to point my tips downhill. (And rightly so.) With the right conditions — powder to the knees!– I could ski with the best of them.There’s an entrepreneurs’ lesson here somewhere.Glad you’re getting your batteries recharged.

    1. Gotham Gal

      when you learn on ice you become a really good skiier b/c every turn there is a possibility of falling.