40:20 Vision

TFuovst8qX7xCOFpPy2V3els2ngVh5cn6_5ypstVvqeLCA1zuf0J7dAmNxsJDJ_2ikWb3A=s170I was invited several times from Christina Vuleta to attend one of her 40:20 events.  I finally went to one. 

There were about 16 people there that night some younger (aka 20) and some older (aka 40).  The idea is to create a forum where people have questions to ask each other sort of like a speed mentorship evening.  Christina was a strategic marketing person with an interesting career and she is the perfect person to lead the night.  Each question is written down on a large piece of paper and she threads them together so the conversation flows intelligently. 

The questions are mostly about the difficulties of being a woman entrepreneur as you live in your own head so advice is helpful.  It can be anything from how to hire, how to raise money, do you need a founder and how to juggle life.  I have found that women are more honest and open about the issues that they face when they are alone in a room with each other.  I see this at the Womens Entrepreneur Festival

Christina is doing a great thing connecting groups of women.  Take a look at Christinas site.  It is something she is passionate about and I love that this is something that she did started not long ago.  Her career led her to this and one day she had an aha moment to help younger women to learn from others who are farther along in their careers.  Learning from others who have been there done that is truly a gift. 

The tag line sums it all up:  advice from 40 something women to 20 something women.  Her site is a place where people can start conversations, share experiences and facilitate mentoring between generations.