Gregory Johnston, Artist

There are so many amazing artists who live full time in the
Hamptons.  The air, the light, the outdoors, the beach, the woods all of
it has made this area of the country a unique place where artists have
laid down their roots, authors too. 

I was invited to go see the studio of Gregory Johnston.  He started out
as an oil artist and I actually liked many of those pieces.  The one
above is an oil piece. 

He began to get interested in something a
little edgier and was always interested in cars.  He has rebuilt many. 
He started to create pieces around the cars from the 1940-1960's.  Each
pieces colors represent particular cars of that time period.  The
horizontal stripes and the squares remind me of others artists yet these
are made with car paint. 

These are very cool.  A mixture of whites and beiges.  Not sure which car these are from. 

Kind of love the gas cans.

Here is the artists paints although these go out to body shops for the complete paint and Gregory assembles the pieces in his studio. 

Good visit.  Hope to do more of these over the summer.