Manfred & Vins, Returning to Copenhagen

Emily is going to school in Copenhagen this semester so I came over to spend a few days with her.  There is nothing like returning to a city that you have been to.  As a group we are pretty good at taking a city by storm and getting as much out of it as possible.  Coming back makes me realize that and because of that I don't feel the need to see and do everything because I have already seen and done most of the highlights.  Now I get to see the city through Emily's eyes. 

Copenhagen is a very cool city.  There are cozy unique shops and restaurants throughout the town and down every city block.  They have the longest pedestrian street here in Europe.  The waterways are beautiful and people bike everywhere.  I got in to town in the late afternoon on Tuesday and met Emily at her local coffee shop, Paludan Bogcafe.  Filled with students on the various levels around book cases with free wifi.  Delicious soups, coffees and sandwiches. 

We were meeting someone for a drink before dinner so we did not have much time. We met at Rubys.  Rubys is definitely one of the coolest bars in the city.  An endless drink list and many places to sit.  There is a great vibe in there and you honestly feel as if you are sitting in someones living room.   A must if you come.

We had dinner at Manfreds & Vin.  Small and cozy just like everything else here.  They encourage you to just order the 7 courses from the chef.  The chef ends up delivering some of the plates to your table.  Really delicious and different. 

Our first dish was codfish tartare.  Raw chunks of fish tossed with a creamy sauce.  Quite delicious served along side was a big basket of brown bread perfect for scooping up the last bite.

Beet tartare with a creamy chive cheese.  Mixed together this was a big winner.  We finished off the entire plate.

This was really interesting.  Thinly sliced pieces of pumpkin and apples that almost tasted as if they have been pickled with a walnut immersion underneath that had the texture of a mousse.  Not my favorite but like nothing we had ever had before.

This was a winner.  Roasted romaine lettuce with a poached egg and little crispy bits of toasted bread over the top.  The egg mixed with this just brought it all together.

Steamed cabbage with duck fat and crispy pieces of toasted buckwheat.  Also a winner.  I love cabbage.

Thinly sliced pieces of pork that had been poached in a brown butter sauce with dill on top.  The pork just melted in your mouth. 

They love plums over here.  This was a chocolate mousse with poached plums.  Not sure I go for the plums with chocolate but we finished it nonetheless.

Really delicious meal.  Highly recommend.  The last picture of the night; the kitchen.

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