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Just Works launched Just Woman and I was the kick-off person for the fireside chat with Amy Cortese.  I love that Just Works is doing this.  The concept is to create a place where the many amazing women in the start-up world, that means anything type of business, can get together and meet.  Most of the women in the start-up community actually do not know each other and it is so important to meet others in your space.  Just Works, that I am an investor in, helps entrepreneurs grow their business by helping their businesses with payroll, benefits and government compliance. HR services for your company and employees.

The talk is about an hour.  Just a fyi, I was feeling incredibly chatty and probably too honest that night.  That is what happens when you walk into a room of women.

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  1. awaldstein

    Bravo!As an investor in a women owned and operated business, I can tell you the resources aren’t there.And rising the net to include all businesses, not just tech, if hands down the way to go.What mauy happen is that the siloes of amazingly successful women in NYC outside of the tech industry (food, wellness, exercise) may decide to get involved.That’s a huge win.

  2. LE

    I was feeling incredibly chatty and probably too honest that night.Total link bait! Definitely makes me want to watch this.Separate issue though. Is there (or should there be) more of a drive to not have a distinct “women’s startup scene” but instead try to get women and men in the same “scene”?I’m remembering when I was a kid and boys played with boys and girls played with girls. I don’t remember having any girls that I played with in elementary school. Later you dated girls but you weren’t friends with girls other than the one you dated. At least where I was, it was very rare. Now though my young step daughter (10) has boy “friends” who come over (and they do lego league and mindcraft and even Budo). I don’t think they make a distinction between them as far as a difference such that one is a boy and one is a girl. At least not at this stage.

    1. Gotham Gal

      the distinction is later…