Sawtelle is an area of LA where there are restaurants, stores and a lot of strolling going on.  It has been called Little Osaka.  It is fun to walk around, choose a place to eat, choose another for dessert and check out the locals.

tshirtstoreWe started out in this store that was a mixture of vintage and new products both women and mens.  Missed the name. Then off to Black Market where t-shirts are in abundance including a section of quirky items from huge coffee cups with Peanuts figures on them to great books.

noglaHunger was setting in and we went to Nongla, a Vietnamese cafe.  Nothing fancy but good food.

eggrollsStarted with crispy egg rolls filled with pork, shrimp and veggies with a vinegar dipping sauce.

bunI had something called Bun.  Cold noodles served on a bed of lettuce, herbs, cucumbers, bean sprouts, pickled carrots and peanuts.  You can choose from a mixture of additions.  I went with the grilled chicken and an egg.  Fresh and filling!

photSomeone else had the Pho.  Beef broth soup filled with noodles, white and green scallions, cilantro and then a choice of different beef or chicken.  Really good too.

breadputtingThen we wandered back to B. Sweet that we had scoped out earlier.  They serve bread pudding with a variety of toppings.  It came out of a catering business.  Perfect for parties.  We tried the banana chocolate and the salted caramel.  Both with whipped cream on top although you can choose ice creams too.

icecreammacaroonsContinued to wander.  Stopped in a store that mostly serves ice cream macaroons.

icesstoreThis place is called the Blockhead Shavery.  Tons of ice with many flavors.  Huge portions. I grabbed a shot of this kid.

sausagestoreThere is also a sausage shop that makes mostly Asian flavored sausages.  SeoulSausage.

It was fun.  We made a reservation at a Japanese place that just opened but is hard to get into for a few weeks from now.  Much fancier than the fast food oriented places around Sawtelle.  Definitely coming back for another walk around.



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  1. awaldstein

    Been enjoying your LA discovery.How’s getting used to having to drive everywhere? To me the biggest cultural change.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is a huge issue.

      1. awaldstein

        I naturally did only what was local over time.When I lived in West Hollywood, it was there, BH, even SilverLakeWnen i lived on the West Side, Venice and SM and biking up to Malibu.

        1. Gotham Gal

          pretty much.staying on the west side makes life much easier.

        2. LE

          I guess the first thing I knew about you was that you liked and had returned to New York. However I have to ask you how much do you miss the weather in LA?

          1. Gotham Gal

            Still in LA. Do not miss the weather in NYC!!

          2. awaldstein


  2. pointsnfigures

    fun to discover. just spoke with an entrepreneur-leaving LA and moving to Chi to raise kids. found that interesting.

  3. William Mougayar

    ice cream macarons! wow +10.